Casa Nagus in Manantiales Cordoba

Casa Nagus in Manantiales, Cordoba

“Behind the Tree” was the starting point for a house that IASE Architects thought should include how the first host to arrive at the house, but framed and protected as a protagonist not only for the visitor or who walked step, but inside and the day of the inhabitants.

Casa MC2 in Cordoba

Casa MC2 in Córdoba

Designed by architect Gastón Castellano, the MC2 House is located in the south of the city of Córdoba, within a residential neighborhood close to the racecourse. Its past, linked to the equestrian activity, is still a feature of the area.

Casa mq2 in Mendiolaza Cordoba

Casa mq2 in Mendiolaza, Córdoba

Designed by bp.arquitectura the dwelling is implanted in a privileged landscape, with views to the Small mountain ranges of the Punilla Valley, in a private neighborhood at the Northwest of Córdoba, in Mendiolaza City.

UVE Saint Agustine in Buenos Aires

UVE Saint Agustíne in Buenos Aires

Designed by Además arquitectura, UVE Saint Agustíne’s mixed use demanded a proper articulation between the public and the private program. During the day, the Soccer courts are used by the school students while at night, rented for public use.

New City Hall in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires Architecture Walking Tours

Buenos Aires Architecture Tours – capital of Argentina & second-largest metropolitan area in South America, the most visited city in South America (ahead of Rio de Janeiro). This top tourist destination is known for its European-style architecture.