Skanderbeg Square Tirana, Albania

Skanderbeg Square Tirana, Albania

Award for this design by 51N4E architects, “It is very important to realise that this project is – in the end – not about the square. It is about Tirana. Tirana is a city which has changed enormously the last years, at some places beyond recognition.”

TID Tower Tirana Building

TID Tower Tirana: Building Albania

Design: 51N4E architects

The building complements the most important monuments of Tirana: the Skanderbeg statue, the oldest mosque, the clock tower and – at the foot of the tower – a memorial tomb for the city’s founder Suleiman Pasha.

Residential Development in Albania Tirana Housing

Tirana Apartments – Albanian Flats

The site lacks any clear order: gardens and low buildings from the 50s mixed with recent apartment blocks. The Tirana apartments building design by Italian architects baukuh does not suggest any transformation of the place into a crowded, intense, metropolitan area.

Ate Pjeter Meshkalla, Shkodra Albania school building

Ate Pjeter Meshkalla – Albanian School

In 2006 project won the International Competition on calls for a school than in the city of Scutari (Albania) held by the Company of the Jesuits. The school complex is located in the center of buildable area and all areas of the relationships, the green and the various activities are open to the outside and relate directly to the city.

Yellow Palace Tirana Apartments

Yellow Palace – Tirana Apartments

The Yellow Palace is a small and intimate facility in Tirana, a ‘palazzetto’ funded by six households, each in a floor of 125sqm, and ground floor for shops. With a very tight budget, even putting in doubt its construction of 875sqm.

Central Tirana Masterplan: Albania Design

Central Tirana Masterplan: Albania Design

Grimshaw selected to masterplan a large expansion to Albania’s capital city, Tirana. The Mayor of Tirana called for designs to extend the 1930s boulevard a further 3km and establish a new 7km riverside park, rejuvenating the river Tirana and the city in the process.