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Russian Architecture News

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28 Jun 2018
Viewing platform with canopy and amphitheater in Divnogorsk, Siberia, Russian Federation
Design: OOO “ADM”, Architects
Viewing Platform in Divnogorsk, Siberia
photo : Alexey Myakota
Viewing platform with canopy and amphitheater in Divnogorsk
The name of the Siberian town Divnogorsk located 35 km from Krasnoyarsk appeared from a word combination “divnye gory” meaning “amazing mountains”. And indeed the panoramic view from the riverfront captures the imagination.

20 Jun 2018
Lakhta Centre, St Petersburg, North West Russia
Lakhta Centre St Petersburg Skyscraper
photo : Anton Galakhov
Lakhta Centre St Petersburg building news – Europe’s tallest tower

Emilio Ambasz: Nature Toward Architecture
June 8-20, 2018
The Union of Designers of Saint Petersburg

Tour by Curator: June 20, 5:00pm
Moika 8, St Petersburg, Russia

Part of Curatorial Project’s Intercontinental program.
Curatorial Project is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization based in New York City.

6 Jun 2018
Admiral Serebryakov Embankment Masterplanning Competition, Novorossiysk, Southern Russia
Design: Zaha Hadid Architects
Admiral Serebryakov Embankment-masterplan in Novorossiysk
image : VA

Admiral Serebryakov Embankment Masterplanning Competition
Located on the Black Sea coast, connecting Russia with the Mediterranean, Atlantic Ocean and Suez Canal, the city of Novorossiysk is the nation’s largest shipping port and the third busiest in Europe by turnover. With direct links to Russia’s rail and highway networks, Novorossiysk has also developed into an important centre of industry.

26 Apr 2018
Capital Hill Residence, Barvikha Forest, near Moscow
Design: Zaha Hadid Architects
Capital Hill Residence in Moscow
image courtesy of ZHA

Capital Hill Residence in Barvikha Forest
Located on the north-facing hillside within the Barvikha Forest near Moscow, where pine and birch trees grow up to 20m high, the Capital Hill Residence is divided into two main components. The first merges with the sloping forested landscape, while a separate volume ‘floats’ 22 metres above the ground to benefit from the spectacular views of the forest over the trees.

9 Apr 2018
Strigino International Airport VIP Lounge, Nizhny Novgorod
Design: Nefa Architects
Strigino International Airport VIP Lounge in Nizhny Novgorod
photograph : Ilya Ivanov

Strigino International Airport VIP Lounge
Construction of a new passenger terminal at Strigino International Airport was completed in 2016, and Nefa Architects designed a business lounge. The challenge was to create a modern comfortable space for business-class passengers using domestic airlines.

3 Apr 2018
Novy Urengoy Airport, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug
Design: Twelve Architects
Novy Urengoy Airport in Russia
images courtesy of architecture office

Novy Urengoy Airport Building
The London-based architecture office secure this contract following the announcement that Airports of the Regions, part of the Renova Group one of Russia’s leading private business conglomerates, has agreed with Yamelo Nenets Regional Government a concession to redevelop and operate the Airport.

updated 30 Mar 2018
Sheremetyevo Airport Terminal Building

Construction of the new terminal at Sheremetyevo Airport in the style of Russian Constructivism:

Sheremetyevo Airport Terminal Building

The architects are the British firm, RMJM. The concept is developed by the Serbian representative office of the bureau, with the assistance of an Italian firm.

The architectural planning solution and interior design of the new terminal “B” of Sheremetyevo Airport is executed in the style of Russian Constructivism.

Sheremetyevo Airport Terminal Building

The construction area totals 55,900 sqm of public zone. The authors of the project derived inspiration from works of master constructivists – Vladimir Tatlin, Alexander Vesnin, Alexander Rodchenko, Nahum Gabo, Lazar Lissitsky and Lyubov Popova. The architectural concept had to reflect “tradition, force and progress which characterize modern Russia”.

Sheremetyevo Airport Terminal Building

The client wanted the new B terminal to become “an exit to the world” through which Russia can tell the story, – im opinion of Goran Nikolic, the head of the Serbian office of RMJM and the chief architect of the project.

The concept, – continues the architect, – focuses attention on feelings of national pride, inherent in Russians. This feeling and openness are turned to the guests arriving to the country. In turn, it has to be clear to foreigners that the ideas created in Russia are so big, ‘as the Russian land’.

Sheremetyevo Airport Terminal Building

The principles of Constructivist art and architecture are used in the logic of the functional organization of space, in a decor and also in geometricity of registration of a floor covering, columns, walls and ceilings.

“Live” digital-panels — large-format displays which broadcast the main images of Russia became bright accent in interiors: beauty of the nature, tourist sights, monuments of the Russian culture, ballet statements.

Sheremetyevo Airport Terminal Building

Author: Aluminstroy

13 Mar 2018
Russian World Cup Stadium Buildings
The stadium pictured below aroused great interest due to the new stands popping out of either end of the building. The capacity was 27,000, just below FIFA’s minimum 30,000 for the group stages. It is the only World Cup 2018 venue East of the Urals:
Central Stadium Yekaterinburg Russia 2018 World Cup venue
photo By Lobachev27 – Own work, CC BY 4.0,
Russian World Cup Stadiums

22 Feb 2018
Tushino Moscow Building, Tushino, North West Moscow
Design: Steven Holl Architects
Tushino Moscow Building by Steven Holl Architects
images courtesy of architecture office

Tushino Moscow Building by Steven Holl Architects
The US architecture firm in collaboration with Art-group “Kamen” beat Fuksas Architecture, Zaha Hadid Architects, Mad Global, and Tsimalo, Lyashenko & Partners to win the international design competition for the residential quarters of the Tushino district.

20 Feb 2018
New Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
Design: OMA
New Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow
image courtesy of architects

New Tretyakov Gallery Building in Moscow
OMA’s renovation plans of the New Tretyakov Gallery on Krymsky Val have been unveiled. Reserve will collaborate on the project as a local partner. The New Tretyakov houses an extensive and important collection of Russian art, including seminal work from Malevich, Kandinsky, Chagall, and Soviet artists such as Aleksandr Deyneka and Vera Mukhina.

5 Feb 2018
Lakhta Centre, Lakhta, St Petersburg, North Western Russia – on coast of the Gulf of Finland
Design: RMJM Architects
Lakhta Center St Petersburg Russia
images courtesy of architects

Lakhta Centre, Gazprom Tower St Petersburg
Europe’s tallest tower has topped out at 87 storeys. The controversial 330,000 sqm development was previously known as the Gazprom Group Headquarters and Business Centre. The skyscraper building is located on a 17-hectare brownfield site. The building uses the largest volume of glass ever used on a high-rise building.

19 Dec 2017
Platov Airport, Rostov-on-Don
Design: Twelve Architect
Rostov Airport in Russia
image courtesy of architecture office

Rostov Airport Building
Emerging London practice, Twelve Architects has completed a new airport in Rostov on Don, Russia. The £600 million project is the practice’s largest commission to date as it celebrates its fifth year of operation.

updated 23 Dec 2017
Rostov Stadium, Rostov-on-Don
Design: Populous
Rostov Stadium Building, 2018 World Cup Russia
images from architects practice

Rostov Stadium – Russian World Cup Venue
Populous, architects of the London 2012 Olympic stadium, Sochi 2014 Olympic stadium and Soccer City 2010 World Cup stadium, have been selected as designers of the new Rostov Stadium. This will be the fourth stadium designed by Populous in Russia to be used for the 2018 World Cup.

16 Nov 2017
Wine and Brandy Distillery Museum & Warehouse, Chernyakhovsk, Kaliningrad Oblast, western Russia – on Baltic Sea
Architects: TOTEMENT / PAPER
Museum Warehouse in Chernyakhovsk
photograph : Gleb Leonov

Wine and Brandy Distillery Museum & Warehouse
This complex is located in an old German town which was severely damaged during the Second World War. The modern brandy distillery was built on an empty lot next to a railroad. The mandate was to build a warehouse, which apart from its primary function of storing brandy barrels would serve as a public space and reception hall.

9 Nov 2017
Gai-Kodzor Winery, Krasnodar
Architects: Kleinewelt Architekten
Gai-Kodzor Winery
image courtesy of architects

Winery Building in Krasnodar
The Gai-Kodzor Winery (Russia, Krasnodarsky Krai) has been completed. General Designer of the building is the architecture bureau Kleinewelt Architekten. The 1,500 sq.m. multifunctional complex is located halfway between Anapa and Novorossiysk, the sunniest spot of Russia just 5 km away from the sea. Apart from being a production facility, the project is to combine museum, education, hospitality and entertainment functions.

10 Sep 2017
DD16 Modular Compact House
Design: BIO Architects
DD16 Modular Compact House
photograph : Ivan Ovchinnikov

DD16 Modular Compact House
The prototype was designed and made as a tourist equipment where the weight of every detail is taken into account so it can be used in very harsh conditions. All the constructive elements were subject to change as well as the interior finishing compared to the regular houses. The frame is made of laminated wood with a milled ports.

19 Jul 2017
BRE Partnership for Sustainable Construction in Russia
Metropolis building in Moscow
Metropolis building in Moscow photo courtesy of BRE
BRE Partnership for Sustainable Construction in Russia
National Research Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (MGSU) and the Russian Green Building Council (RuGBC) announce the launch of a partnership with BRE, the world leading multi-disciplinary building science centre. It aims to drive sustainable best practice through knowledge share and the development of BREEAM.

4 Jul 2017
Cosmonavtov Mall, Ekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk Oblast, central Russia
Design: Twelve Architects
Cosmonavtov Mall
image courtesy of architects

Cosmonavtov Mall in Ekaterinburg
London-based practice Twelve Architects has been granted unanimous approval from the City Administration of Ekaterinburg for a 120,000 sqm retail mall, which forms a key part of the regeneration and expansion of the city.

Constructive Country House in Russia

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New Holland Island West 8 Landscape, St Petersburg

New Holland Island: St Petersburg Masterplan

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