102 House – Poznań Home

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102 House : Contemporary Polish Home

Contemporary Residence in Poland – design by Zalewski Architecture Group

18 Feb 2011

102 house

Location: Miedzyrzecze

Design: Zalewski Architecture Group

Contemporary Property Poland

A small bungalow house (about 140 m2) situated on a parcel (750 m2) surrounded by the forests near Poznań.

102 House 102 House Poznań Poznań House
pictures : Zalewski AG

The house consists of three parts integrated in one solid: a daily area with patio, a night area and a garage.

Raw and concrete outer look of a house contrasts with a friendly and spacious interior which makes this building a house of two faces. What is more, it is separated from the road with a concrete wall and the opposite side of house on the contrary is a totally glazed façade facing the garden and then shadowed by forest.

Investor: Individual

102 house Miedzyrzecze images / information from Zalewski Architecture Group

Location:Miedzyrzecze, Poznań, Poland

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