Rive de Billancourt Paris: Residential

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Rive de Billancourt Paris

Macro LOT AA Residential Building in France – design by STUDIONINEDOTS, architects

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Rive de Billancourt Paris

Second place for STUDIONINEDOTS at design contest for residential building at the Seine

Design: STUDIONINEDOTS, architects

By invitation of Nexity /SAEM, STUDIONINEDOTS designed for macro LOT AA in Paris an icon for life: a recognisable residential building with a luxurious appearance where, by making a smart intervention, all residents can enjoy the great qualities of the site.

Rive de Billancourt Paris

Macro LOT AA is located in Rive de Billancourt in Paris, bordering the Seine. The plot is situated at the junction of the main elements of the urban plan: the old city, the new district, the Seine and Parc de Billancourt.

Rive de Billancourt Paris

The area of 72 hectares, located on the old site of the Renault factory, will be given a new identity. High quality architecture, valuable landscape and respect for the environment will be merged in a contemporary way.

About 15,000 people will live and work here in the future. The commercial tower C1 by Jean Nouvel, the planned office tower D5 and the residential building macro LOT AA will be the three icons of Le Trapeze.

Rive de Billancourt Paris

The residential building of 16,600 m2 SHON that STUDIONINEDOTS designed for this location consists of 180 apartments, a residential care facility for people with a locked-in syndrome, commercial space and a parking garage. Part of the facade is folded inward, creating a framed, quiet courtyard. By lifting this courtyard, one has fantastic views over the park and the Seine from this spot. To connect the courtyard with the surrounding semi-public space the volume is cut out at three places.

Rive de Billancourt Paris

Rive de Billancourt Paris

The roof is used as a continuous landscape and locates the most exclusive apartments. These dwellings, and the dwellings in the elevated volume, have views over Parc de Billancourt, the Seine and a panoramic view to the Eiffel Tower at the same time. In this way the potential of the site is fully exploited. Because of the used materials and the eye for detail, the building gets the allure and richness of experience that fits a city like Paris.

Rive de Billancourt Paris Rive de Billancourt Paris Residential Building Rive de Billancourt Paris Residential Building at the Seine Rive de Billancourt Paris
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Macro LOT AA Boulogne Billancourt – Building Information

Client: Nexity / SAEM
Type: housing, 180 dwellings, 16.600m2 SHON
Location: Boulogne Billancourt, Paris
Lot: 4.123m2
FSI: 6,2
Budget: € 30.300.000,-
Design: 2011
Status: invited competition, 2nd place

Design team: Arie van der Neut, Albert Herder, Vincent van der Klei, Metin van Zijl
Project team: Wouter Hermans, Simon Burri, Jeffrey Bolhuis
Engineering: Jean-Marc Saurer
Sustainability: Uta Ehrhard
Landscape: Bruno Doedens
Construction: Strackee bv bouwadviesbureau
Collaboration: HVDN architecten, A’dam / Atelier 115 architects, Paris

Studioninedots architects

Animation of the design: Rive de Billancourt Paris – external link

Rive de Billancourt images / information from STUDIONINEDOTS

YOU, Lot YA Building in Paris – 13 Oct 2016

Location:Rive de Billancourt, Paris

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Rive de Billancourt Building Paris, France

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