Parister Hotel Building in Paris

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Parister Hotel

Parisian accommodation development on rue Saulnier – design by Agence Beckmann-N’Thépé

6 Nov 2017

Parister Hotel Building, Paris

Design: Agence Beckmann-N’Thépé

Location: 19 rue Saulnier, Paris – 75009, France

Hôtel Parister in Paris

Architectural section

The Parister Hotel is situated in a planned tourist neighbourhood that plunges the visitor directly into local Paris life. Located in a narrow street, the main building retains its historical character, with a new façade that conserves the existing architecture (height, rhythm of openings, mouldings, pale render), while adopting a recognisable hotel vernacular, with elegant black awnings, luxuriantly planted pots, and the redistribution of the ground floor windows – in an overall design of dark wood.

Images below © Beckmann-N’Thepe:

Parister Hotel Building in Paris Parister Hotel Building in Paris

From the street the sightline to the centre of the plot allows the small and inviting courtyard to be seen. The idea is that the hotel is open to the city, thanks to both its architecture and its commercial offering, proposed in accordance with the needs of local residents.

Parister Hotel Building in Paris

The former office building has been completely restructured to create a luxury Parisian hotel, with as its focal point the new central courtyard and contemporary extension. The building’s new identity offers an exceptional experience in a place that is both deluxe and intimate.

Parister Hotel Building in Paris

The two buildings are joined by a series of metal walkways on different levels that pay homage to the bohemian spirit of New York’s Soho and offer splendid views on to the planted area called “the rain garden”. Huge sliding bay windows open onto a large wooden terrace, which functions as an extension of the indoor reception area and enjoys the same view onto the rain garden.

Parister Hotel Building in Paris

Parister Hotel Building in Paris

This “natural” setting carries on through to the lower part of the façade of the extension, with wide, vertical boards in unvarnished wood that emphasise the volume of these suspended boxes. The marble facade, lightly overlaid with moss, adds a unique and unexpected touch to the whole. Punctuated by large bay windows, which offer a view into the interior spaces bathed in light, the façade of the extension is in subtle dialogue with the regular rhythm of the windows of the period building it faces.

Parister Hotel Building in Paris

Parister Hotel Building in Paris

And finally, particular attention is paid to the roof, terraces, and/or the generous planting that brings an added sense of abundance to the facades. The greenery provides a link between the contemporary and the traditional.

Parister Hotel Building in Paris

Parister Hotel Building in Paris

Interior arrangement

The interior arrangement has been designed in coordination with the architecture, in order to ensure an overall coherence in the project’s design. The building’s new narrative brings to life a particular kind of understated “Parisian chic” that plays with decorative elements that have been carefully chosen and designed specifically for the site.

Photos below © Nicolas Matheus:

Hôtel Parister Paris building interior

Colours and materials harmonise to create graphic tableaux, from wallpaper to bedding, from floor coverings to bathroom fittings, intentionally uniting contrasting materials, such as metal and fabric, wood and glass.

Hôtel Parister Paris building interior

Hôtel Parister in Paris – Building Information

HOTEL ‘PARISTER’ (19 rue Saulnier, Paris – 75009, France)

Programme: Development of an office building into a 5 star hotel with a courtyard extension / 45 rooms, restaurant-cocktail bar, pool, gym, massage room and hammam.

Client: Private Client
Project Management: Céline Boullenger

Architecture/Interior Design: Agence Beckmann-N’Thépé (Paris)
Project manager: Laura Ros
Architect: Christophe Crouau
Assistant Architects: Estelle Brandon, Martin Lefèvre, Guillaume Thomas, Ammara Voravong
Perspectivist: Charles Costantini
Consultant: Clémande Burgevin-Blachman

Hôtel Parister Paris building interior

Surface area: 2,129 m² floor area + interior courtyard

Cost: 6.9 M€ (excl. tax (to be updated once work is completed)

Delivery date: October 2017

Hôtel Parister Paris building interior

ENGINEERING DESIGN TEAM: Structure: EOC (Paris) Economist: FMBI Conseil (Millery – 69) Plumbing: Espace Ingénierie (Antony – 92) Fire safety + prevention: BTP Consultants (Clichy – 92)

General Contractor: © Rabot Dutilleul (La Plaine Saint Denis – 92)

Hôtel Parister Paris building interior

Interior architecture/ Interior joinery: © Lazer Agencement (Marseille – 13)

Maintenance office: BTP Consultants (Clichy – 92)

Health and Safety Coordinator: BTP Consultants (Clichy – 92)

Project implementation: Robinson Architectes (Mont-Saint-Aignan – 76)

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Hôtel Parister Paris building interior

Signage and visual identity: © Général Design

Brand identity: © Naemes

Photographers: © Olivier Amsellem (future), Nicolas Matheus

Distinctive aspects and materials: Architectonic concrete facade, sculpted and painted on site, with a natural appearance resembling “marble, or rock”. Metallic structure with some glass facades. Planted areas.

Parister Hotel Building in Paris images / information received 061117 from Agence Beckmann-N’Thépé

Location:19 rue Saulnier, Paris – 75009, France

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Parister Hotel Building in Paris

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