Buc Eco Hotel Building

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Buc Eco Hotel, France

Proposed Accommodation Development near Paris, France – design by ECDM + KLNB

9 Jun 2010

Buc Eco-Hotel

Design : ECDM + KLNB

Hotel with 82 guest rooms

Project Description

Living the landscape

At the Buc fortress, there exist a strong conjunction between a historic construction, witness of military engineering of 19th century and preoccupations and expectations of our time.

Buc Eco-Hotel Buc Eco-Hotel France Buc Hotel

The questions asked by the transformation of the fortress are how live the landscape, a troglodyte edifice with the forest as a roof, how inhabit the history, witness of our past.

The hotel program in harmony with the existing spaces is able to conjugate two major requirements which are:
– allow an ambitious architectural construction project valorizing for the city of Buc
– mixing the conservation of the natural spaces and respect of the existing buildings.

Buc Hotel Building Buc Eco-Hotel Design Buc Eco-Hotel Buc Hotel Design

It is to generate a supplementary spirit putting in work in direct connection the existing heritage and a charming residential space together. Our thoughts are about a very high respect of the existing, with the inclusion of a contemporary intervention for all elements of second work.

It is to put in resonance two periods bringing a maximum of comfort at the building, without any mimesis or pastiche.

Buc Eco-Hotel Buc Eco-Hotel Buc Eco-Hotel Buc Eco-Hotel

Buc Eco-Hotel – Building Information

Project Name: Buc Eco-Hotel
Location: Buc, France
Use: Hotel with 82 guest rooms
Program: Renovation
Site Area: 59,000 m²
Building Area: 2,000 m²
Gross Floor Area: 6,800 m²
Budget: 8.6 M€
Building Scale: 1 ~ 4 stories semi-buried in hills
Parking Lot : 100 cars
Exterior Finishes : Stone (existing buildings), Wood (New buildings), Glass, Metal
Design Year : Design competition entry Jan. 2009
Architect Name : ECDM Emmanuel Combarel Dominique Marrec KLNB Keeyong Lee + Nenad Basic

Buc Eco-Hotel images / information from KLNB

Location:Buc, Paris

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Buc Eco Hotel

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