Stjordal Cultural Center, Norway, Building

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Cultural Center Stjordal Norway

Norwegian Architectural Competition – Reiulf Ramstad Architects in Norway

29 Jun 2010

Cultural Center Stjordal


Design: Reiulf Ramstad Architects, Lusparken Architects, JSTA Architects and Shcønherr Landscaping

Cultural Center Stjordal Cultural Center Stjordal Cultural Center Stjordal
Cultural Center Stjordal pictures : RRA ; MIR Illustrated

Cultural Center Stjordal

The Cultural Center of Stjordal will be an important node, both locally and in the region. The center will become an inviting place for all people interested in culture in one way or another; a building where people of all kinds can explore and develop their abilities and talent. With its church, the Cultural Center will function as a worthy venue for all kinds of ceremonies for the inhabitants. In addition to this, the visitors at the hotel will contribute to vitalize the house and the park.

The Stjordal Cultural Center project is anchored in, and inspired by the place’s history and culture. At the same time the architecture should emit its modern function and the pulse of the time and place. The Center will be a platform for a wide cultural concept; a wide range of art, dance, music, film and other media. The Cultural Center of Stjordal should become an inspiring place that gives the visitors experiences and opportunities for personal display and development.

Cultural Center Stjordal – Building Information

Title: Cultural Center Stjordal
Design: Reiulf Ramstad Architects, Lusparken Architects, JSTA Architects and Shcønherr Landscaping
Location: Stjordal, Norway
Program: New Cultural Center with concert halls, library, church, cinema, hotel and the culture and music school of Stjordal
Client: Stjordal Municipality and Stjordal Cultural development AS
Size: 17.500m2
Commission type: 1st prize with Lusparken Architects, JSTA Architects and Shcønherr Landscaping. Invited competition (2010)
Status: Competition proposal
Year: 2010

Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter

Location:Stjordal, Norway

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Cultural Center Stjordal Building