Saivu, Sjunkhatten National Park Building, Norway

Saivu Norway, Sjunkhatten National Park, Nordland Architecture, Norwegian Design

Saivu, Norway : Sjunkhatten National Park Building

Building in Nordland – design by various architects

10 Oct 2011

Saivu, Sjunkhatten Nasjonalpark

Architects: Eriksen Skajaa Architects / Pushak Architects / Bjørbekk & Lindheim Landscape Architects


1st prize in a competition for new gateways to the Sjunkhatten National Park. Nordland, Norway.

picture courtesy Eriksen Skajaa Architects

”Saivu” is a sami word for a portal to another world. Based on the magic realism of the sami people and their understanding of nature, the construction system of their ”lavvo”, and an interpretation of old sami signs, we made the proposals for three gateways to the Sjunkhatten National Park. The park has a focus on children and the jury found the proposal’s focus on the mythical fit suitable to enrichen children’s experience of nature. It is a dramatic and beautiful landscape close to Bodø in northern norway between fjords and snow covered mountain peaks.

Sjunkhatten National Park:
Sjunkhatten National Park
photograph : Tor Egil Kvalnes

The project consists of three separate entrance areas with information boards, toilets, camp-fire places, seating, playgrounds, parking and toilets. There is also a possibility of shelters for sleeping and other activities connected to the separate sites.

Saivu Norway Sjunkhatten National Park Norway Saivu Sjunkhatten National Park Building in Nordland
pictures courtesy Eriksen Skajaa Architects

The main element of the project is the construction system of wood and canvas that will give a common expression to the elements in the park while making it possible to meet the challenges of the different sites. There is also a large horisontal information disk made of gold coated stainless steel. This disk will contain information about the park and can also be used independently of the gateway constructions.

Sjunkhatten Nasjonalpark Saivu Sjunkhatten Nasjonalpark Sjunkhatten Nasjonalpark Norway
pictures courtesy Eriksen Skajaa Architects

1st place in invited competition 2011. Nordland, Norway.

This project is a collaboration between Eriksen Skajaa Architects (, Pushak Architects ( and Bjørbekk & Lindheim Landscape Architects (

Saivu Sjunkhatten National Park Building in Nordland Building in Nordland Norway Saivu Sjunkhatten National Park Norway
pictures courtesy Eriksen Skajaa Architects

Saivu, Sjunkhatten National Park images / information from Eriksen Skajaa Architects

Location:Sjunkhatten nasjonalpark, Norway

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