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Mutua Madrilena Madrid

New Building in central Spain – design by Cesar Pelli + A-cero architects

15 Dec 2008

Mutua Madrilena

A-cero’s interior design for Cesar Pelli’s new skyscraper in Madrid

Design: Cesar Pelli / A-cero, architects

Mutua Madrilena Tower Building

The spanish architecture studio A-cero has been appointed for designing the interior space of the Mutua Madrilena tower, in the former Real Madrid’s sports complex known as “Ciudad Deportiva”. The skyscraper was designed by the prestigious Argentine-American architect César Pelli, author of projects like the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur or the World Financial Center in New York. Accordingly with the architecture of the tower, the choice of A-cero matches the intent of the Madrilenian assurance company for an avant-garde design and innovative approach to what will be its main headquarters and representative icon.

Mutua Madrilena Mutua Madrilena Madrid Mutua Madrilena Tower Mutua Madrilena Tower

The project includes the design of the hall, the working, dining and leisure spaces, as well as the presidential office, located on the top floor of the building, which he shares with a large green area, mostly occupied by an impressive vertical garden.

The idea for this project was based on the external image of Pelli”s building. The lighting is arranged in a linear fashion, with continuity between roof and wall, prolonging their action on the ground. To enhance this effect, both the roof and the walls are covered with a dark suede and the floor with a black carpet where white strips prolongating the illumination lines.

The furniture is a very important part of this project, it has been designed to match the concept of the architecture, using pointy edges that recreate the shape of the building itself. The audiovisual aspect is present throughout the project, integrating plasma screens on the walls as well as audio systems, while respecting the original form of space.

Mutua Madrilena tower architect : Cesar Pelli

Mutua Madrilena tower interior design : A-cero, Spain


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