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Oct 4, 2018
Benedict Canyon Residence, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles County
Design: Whipple Russell Architects
Benedict Canyon Residence in Beverly Hills
photograph : William MacCollum

Benedict Canyon Residence
A spiral driveway leads to the property, which then opens to the car park and entrance walkway. On the left, is the upstairs studio space, accessible via stairs that rise up over the first reflecting pool. Wide horizontal pavers guide the eye up to the house where water surrounds the entrance, flowing between the steps, and meeting a chiseled marble ledger stone wall.

Sep 10, 2018
Three Step House
Architects: CHA:COL
Three Step House in Los Angeles
photograph : Edward Duarte

Three Step House
This contemporary LA house is an inventive solution to locating a single family residence along a steeply sloped lot. The property design both maximizes the topography and captures the spectacular urban views.

May 23, 2018
Stradella Residence, Bel-Air, LA
Design: SAOTA
Stradella Residence in Bel-Air Los Angeles
photograph : Adam Letch

Los Angeles Luxury Residence
SAOTA’s first completed project in Los Angeles, a remodel of an existing 1970s house on a beautiful promontory in Bel Air, remove all traces of the original Spanish style architecture.

Apr 13, 2017
Mirror House in Beverly Hills
Architects: XTEN Architecture
photos : Art Gray

Mirror House in Beverly Hills

May 1, 2017
The Wave House Venice
Architect: Mario Romano
The Wave House
photograph : Brandon Arant

The Wave House, Venice, California

Jan 22, 2017
Car Park House
Design: Anonymous Architects
Car Park House Los Angeles
photograph : Steve King

Car Park House in Los Angeles

Jan 19, 2017
House in Trees
Design: Anonymous Architects
Los Angeles House in Trees
photographers : Steve King & Michael Wells

House in Trees, Echo Park
The site is characterized by its remote feeling and mature trees; this despite being surrounded by dense urban development. It is an unusual paradox to have such a natural setting that occurs in the middle of Los Angeles – a city known for its endless sprawl and crawling traffic.

Sep 22, 2016
Crossing Wall House Santa Barbara, California
Design: Mobile Office Architects
Crossing Wall House
photograph : Tyson Ellis

House in Santa Barbara
The Crossing Wall House is sited where the Santa Ynez Mountains meet the Pacific Ocean, overlooking the City of Santa Barbara and Channel Islands.

Feb 23, 2016
James Goldstein House in Beverly Hills
James Goldstein House in California
photo © Tom Ferguson Photography
James Goldstein House in Beverly Hills

355 Mansfield

6352 Colgate Los Angeles Residence

Beverly Hills House

Beverly Hills Property

Black Desert House Los Angeles

Coachella Valley House

Desert Houses La Quinta

DJ Avicii’s Property in Los Angeles

Gamble House in Pasadena

Gehry House Santa Monica

Home in Beverly Hills

Martini House in Palm Springs


San Vicente House California

Silver Strand Beach House

SL11024 Residential Development in Los Angeles

Tanager House in Los Angeles

Jim Goldstein’s Skyspace by James Turrell, Beverly Crest House, California, USA
“Above Horizon” at Sheats-Goldstein house by John Lautner
Jim Goldstein Skyspace by James Turrell
photo : Kenneth Johansson Photography
This intriguing piece of architecture / art is located at the spectacular, John Lautner–designed Sheats-Goldstein house, now owned by Jim Goldstein. It is a concrete room built into the hillside, a skyspace called Above Horizon, by artist James Turrell, states LA Weekly. Turrell is known for spaces like this, with openings in the ceilings or walls and edges so thin it looks like there’s no separation between them and the sky. Carefully calibrated light shows play while you look up or out — Above Horizon has openings in the ceiling and wall, both programmed to open smoothly as you watch. The sky’s color and density appear to shift, sometimes quickly.

Oakpass Residence, Beverly Hills
Design: Heusch Inc Architecture
Oakpass Residence Beverly Hills House
photograph : Frederico Zignani

Oakpass Residence – added 14 Dec 2012
The house is an example of an innovative solution to circumvent the 15 foot setback requirement for hillside residences. By elevating the structure the need for a tall retaining wall, 15 feet away from the structure was eliminated. Furthermore the intention was to minimize the impact on the beautiful natural site heavily wooded with oak trees.

Nakahouse, Hollywood Hills
Design: XTEN Architecture
photograph : Steve King

Nakahouse – 5 Oct 2012
This is a reworking of a 1960’s hillside residence located on a ridge in the Hollywood Hills, just below the Hollywood sign. The existing home was built as a series of interconnected terraced spaces on the downslope property. Due to geotechnical, zoning and budget constraints the foundations and building footprint were maintained in the current design. The interior was completely reconfigured however, and the exterior was opened up to the hillside views.

Los Angeles House – Recent Designs

PAS House, Malibu
Architects: Francois Perrin and Gil Lebon Delapointe
House in Malibu
photo : Mike Manzoori / Sam McGuire

Malibu House – 30 May 2012
Conceptually, the house functions as a ribbon that creates a continuous surface to be skated from the exterior to the interior. The house is then divided into three separate spaces: a public area with living room, dining, and kitchen; a private zone with bedroom and bath; and a dedicated area for skateboard practice.

Saperstein Residence, Hollywood Beach, Oxnard, north of Los Angeles, CA
Enclosures Architects – added
Saperstein Residence
photo from architects

Hollywood Beach Residence – added 9 Jan 2012
The buildings exterior is clad in ivory and charcoal colored cement panels with accents of zinc metal shingles and Indonesian Mangeris wood planking and trim. Railings, interior and exterior, are a stainless steel cable system meant to maximize views and to withstand the rigorous ocean environment.

The 747 Wing House, Malibu
Studio of Environmental Architecture
The 747 Wing House
photo : Carson Leh & Laura Doss

The 747 Wing House
The roofs of the home are made from the wings of a scrap 747-200. The Main Residence uses both of the main wings as well as the 2 stabilizers from the tail section as a roof for the Master Bedroom. The site was previously contained over 21 unique steel structures.

Redelco Residence, Studio City
Brooks + Scarpa
Redelco Residence
photo : Marvin Rand

Studio City Residence
Large 22-ft high custom sliding glass doors allow the interior and exterior to become one. The studio is separated from the house, connected only by an exterior bridge. Private spaces are treated as loft-like spaces capturing volume and views while maintaining privacy.

Carrillo Residence, Pacific Palisades
Ehrlich Architects
Carrillo Residence
photograph : Barry Schwartz

Pacific Palisades House
This contemporary residence sits in a long narrow site on the rim of Santa Monica Canyon. The glass living room volume sits at the far end of the site, adjacent to the main block of the house and divides the outdoor space into two distinct courts. The informal front court provides a protected sun-filled play yard for the children adjacent to the family zone.

Bigger is Better House
Bigger is Better House
image from WROAD

Bigger is Better House

M House, Hollywood
Platform For Architecture + Research
Hollywood House
image from architects

Hollywood House

LA Houses

Los Angeles Residential Designs, alphabetical:

The Chemosphere – Malin Residence
John Lautner
Chemosphere Los Angeles
picture : Sara Sackner

Cherokee Lofts, Santa Monica, Los Angeles
Pugh + Scarpa
Cherokee Lofts Santa Monica
photo : John Edward Linden

Cherokee Lofts

Diamondhouse, Santa Monica
XTEN Architecture
Santa Monica house
image from architects

Santa Monica house

Oberfeld Residence, West Hollywood, Los Angeles
Studio Pali Fekete architects (SPF:a)
Oberfeld Residence
photograph : John Linden

West Hollywood Residence

One Window House, Venice, Los Angeles
Touraine Richmond Architects, California
One Window house Venice
picture : Benny Chan from Fotoworks

One Window House

Openhouse, Hollywood Hills
XTEN Architecture
Hollywood Hills House
photograph: Art Gray

Hollywood Hills house

Orange Grove Lofts, 1011 Orange Grove Ave, West Hollywood
Pugh + Scarpa
Orange Grove Lofts
photograph : Marvin Rand

Orange Grove Lofts

The Richard and Dion Neutra VDL Research House, Los Angeles
1932; 1940; 1966
Richard Neutra Architect ; Richard and Dion Neutra Architects
Richard and Dion Neutra VDL residences
photo : Raymond Richard Neutra

The Richard and Dion Neutra VDL Research House

Solar Umbrella Residence, Venice
Pugh + Scarpa
Solar Umbrella Venice
photo : Marvin Rand

Solar Umbrella

Step Up on Fifth, Santa Monica
Pugh + Scarpa
Step Up on Fifth
photograph : John Edward Linden

Step Up on Fifth

Stoddard Residence, Thousand Oaks, north west of Los Angeles
Enclosures Architects
Stoddard Residence Thousand Oaks House
photo from architects

Thousand Oaks Residence

Surfhouse, Hermosa Beach, Los Angeles
XTEN Architecture
photograph : Art Gray

Hermosa Beach house

Wirtschafter Residence, Santa Monica
Enclosures Architects
Santa Monica Residence
photo from architects

Santa Monica Residence

More Los Angeles homes online soon

Los Angeles Houses – no images

6th Street Residence, Santa Monica, northwest Los Angeles
Morphosis Architecture

Blades Residence, Santa Barbara
Morphosis Architecture

Case Study House No.22 – Stahl House
Pierre Koening

Hollyhock House, Barnsdall Art Park, 4808 Hollywood Boulevard
Frank Lloyd Wright

House, Venice
Coop Himmelb(l)au

Kuhns House, Woodland Hills
Richard Neutra Architect

Lovell Beach House

Rudolf Schindler Architect

Lovell House
Richard Neutra Architect

Schindler House (aka Kings Road House / Schindler-Chace house)
Rudolf Schindler Architect

Strathmore Apartments, Westwood
Richard Neutra Architect

Vertical House, Venice
LOHA Architects

Ward-Berger House, Hollywood Hills
Richard Neutra Architect

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