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20 Feb 2007

Langlands & Bell Art

The Inaugural EAA Annual Lecture presents the award winning artists Ben Langlands and Nikki Bell who through immaculate models, innovative new media projects, and architecture itself, explore the complex web of relationships linking people, architecture and the coded systems of circulation and exchange which surround us.

Paddington Bridge London
photo from EAA

Based in London, Langlands & Bell have been collaborating since 1978, and exhibiting internationally since the early 1980’s. Known for examining our experience of architecture, and our primarily urban culture at many different levels, Langlands & Bell explore the places and structures we inhabit, and the routes that penetrate and link them. Their work often looks at real buildings and the ways we think about them, revealing their histories and associated human activity while reflecting on the many ways we communicate and relate to each other.

Langlands & Bell
photograph from EAA

Ben and Nikki won the BAFTA award for Interactive Arts Installation for “The House for Osama bin Laden” in 2004 and were shortlisted for the 2004 Turner Prize.

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Langlands & Bell work : Paddington bridge, London

EAA Annual Lecture
Language of Places – A Lecture by Langlands & Bell
Speakers Ben Langlands & Nikki Bell
Napier University, Edinburgh, Scotland
31 May 2007
Edinburgh Architectural Association
e-architect attended this event and had the pleasure of chatting with Ben and Nikki over dinner!

Langlands & Bell Exhibition : Films & Animations 1978 – 2008
Edinburgh, 25 Oct – 13 Dec 2008
Langlands & Bell Art
Langlands & Bell
A Muse Um
Still from computer animation

Langlands & Bell sculpture : Triton Square sculpture, Regents Place, London

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These British artists explore the complex web of relationships linking people and architecture and the coded systems of mass-communications and exchange we use to negotiate an increasingly fast changing technological world.

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