Strata House, Kobe-city Home, Japan

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Strata House, Kobe-city

Contemporary Kobe Home, Hyogo, Japan – design by Tadashi Suga, architect

14 Jan 2009

Kobe-city House

Hyogo Prefecture, Japan


Design: Tadashi Suga


The Strata House is a townhouse style rental property located approximately
200meters on a hill from the Akashi Straits Bridge.
The landowner, who loves living near the ocean, requested a design with “a view of the sea”.

Kobe-city House Kobe-city Home Strata House Kobe-city Strata House

However, research soon revealed strict regulations covering building height –a
2-story restriction and finding a gap with a view of the ocean was an added difficulty. However, the blueprints for an ocean view structure had already been made.
The Strata House’s structure takes full advantage of its deep foundations to include a basement storage space.
In consideration of the view from the street, the first floor has been raised a little
above ground level to assure privacy.
The second floor living room and kitchen is been constructed with a high side light and a balcony that protrudes from the building. The high side light is been designed
to create the sensation of building the outdoors into the house, thus creating “an ocean-view structure.” The building, with its singular ocean-view design concept,
disregards the surrounding environment and must be a marvel to passersby.
However, We feel that the Strata House has a natural place in this location.

Kobe-city Property Kobe-city Residence Kobe-city Home

Kobe-city Home – Building Information

Architect/Designer: Tadashi Suga
Location: Kobe-city, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan
Site area: 327.53 sqm
Total floor area: 475.86 sqm
Structure: RC/ferroconcrete
Completion: Jan 2001
Photo: Yoshiharu Matsumura

Kobe-city house images / information from Tadashi Suga 140109

Tadashi Suga

Location:Kobe-city, Japan

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Strata House Building

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