House in Hidaka, Saitama City Residence, Japan

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House in Hidaka, Saitama city, Japan : Hiroshima Home

Saitama city House – design by Suppose design office

19 Apr 2011

House in Hidaka

Design: Suppose design office, architects

Location: Saitama, southwest Japan

Photos: Toshiyuki Yano

This is a house that is engaging nature to a part of a life in the dwelling through a wave of a ground from outside to the inside.

House in Hidaka House in Hidaka

The site is placed in Saitama –ken, Japan, where it has a rich nature environment with beautiful scenery of a hill. The client wanted their house that is open to the nature environment and also has a depth in the space.

The ground is covering the half of the 1st floor of the dwelling. Because of the light hill around the house, residents could feel the connection with the surrounding environment closer as if they are living in the nature. To protect the building from the pressure of soil of the hill, the foundation of the house was built up and wrapping the half part of the wall at the ground level.

House in Hidaka House in Hidaka House in Hidaka House in Hidaka

The half walls have multiple functions such as a table, shelves, and stools. In other words, residents could find their own way to use the space as if they are finding their own, comfortable space in nature like a hill with fine sunlight or under the trees with soft light through leaves.

Usually, there is a separation between a house and its surrounding environment to protect its privacy.

For the house, we tried to create neutral line between inside and outside in engaging the landscape into the house. We hope the architecture could create an environment that has more interactive relationship between nature and a life of residents.

House in Hidaka House in Hidaka House in Hidaka House in Hidaka

House in Hidaka – Building Information

Location: Saitama city, Japan
Principal use: private house
Site area: 451.13 sqm
Building area: 95.76 sqm
Total floor area: 138.05 sqm ( 1F: 54.27 sqm / 2F: 83.78 sqm)
Completion: Dec 2010
Design period: Aug 2008 – Mar 2010
Construction period: Apr 2010 – Dec 2010
Structure: Steel structure
Client: a couple and one children
Project architect: Makoto Tanijiri [suppose design office]+ Kenji Nawa [Nawakenji-m]
Project team: suppose design office + Nawakenji-m, in-charge; Hiroshi Yamagami
Lighting: Caravaggio Opal P0 [Light Years]
Chair: None
Products: None
Flooring: 1F・oak flooring 2F・white ash flooring
Internal Wall: diatomaceous earth, plaster finish
Ceiling: diatomaceous earth, plaster finish
Photographer: Toshiyuki Yano

House in Hidaka information from Suppose design office architects

Location:Saitama, Japan

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House in Hidaka

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