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Contemporary Turin Architectural Developments, northern Italy

Turin Architecture – Latest News

Architecture News – latest additions to this page, arranged chronologically:

University Building Roof in Turin – 19 Aug 2013
Design: Foster + Partners, Architects
University Building in Turin
photo : Michele D’Ottavio

A membrane canopy for the roof planned by formTL and Foster + Partners. Since the 1990s, the esteemed university of Turin has been gradually modernising its architecture. This has involved moving all the university faculties to a new campus situated on former industrial land bordering the River Dora.

Campus Luigi Einaudi Torino building
photo from architects

The new campus is to be completed with a building complex designed by the architects Foster + Partners to house the faculties of law and political science.

Turin Ice Hockey Stadium
Design: Andrea Maffei Architects
Turin Ice Hockey Stadium
image from architect

Turin Ice Hockey Stadium – 2 May 2013
The project was the winner of an international competition in which we had to re-design a big area near the center of Turin (Italy) including a new ice hockey stadium for the winter Olympic games in 2006.

Turin Architecture Competition
21 Nov 2012 – registration closing date
21 Dec 2012 – closing date
Student design competition for a car park site in the city.
Turin Architecture Competition
Individuals or teams of up to four architecture students are encouraged to enter this Italian architecture competitionthat aims to revitalise an unattractive part of the city.

Turin Building – Latest Designs

Turin Station
Design: AREP – Silvio d’ASCIA en collaboration avec A .Magnaghi
Turin Station Building
AREP / photograph : M. Vigneau

Turin Train Station – 23 Jul 2012
Gare de Turin Porta Susa en construction

Tosetto Weigmann & Associates
Tosetto Weigmann & Associates
photo : Beppe Giardino

Tosetto Weigmann & Associates – 30 Mar 2012
Transformation of an elegant mansion from the beginning of the 20th century into an efficient contemporary office building. To do that it needs to perform radical and pragmatic interventions, optimizing the use of space.

Domino Turin
Domino Torino Turin
photo : Beppe Giardino

Domino Turin – 29 Mar
A big web-marketing agency moves into a conventional four-storey building out of the city center. It promotes a contest among design offices, asking an architecture able to represent and strengthen the identity of its immaterial work, without relying on predictable cyberpunk or – worse – high-tech languages. MARC wins of the contest with this answer: the needed architecture is…restoration.

National Automobile Museum in Turin renovation and extension
Cino Zucchi Architetti with RecchiEngineering and Proger
National Automobile Museum Turin
image : Cino Zucchi

National Automobile Museum Turin – 22 Jun 2011
The current museum complex, designed by Amedeo Albertini in 1958-60, is comprised of various bodies, the main section of which, a convex 114 meter façade faces onto the Po river and Corso Unità d’Italia. The competition brief stipulated the addition of a new wing on Via Richelmy and the reorganization of pedestrian and vehicular access, keeping in line with the latest developments of museums in Europe. The new museum, with an expected annual attendance of 250,000 people, accompanied by significant conference and educational activities, will thus become a driving force in the urban renewal of the southeast quadrant of the city.

Turin Architecture

Major Torino Buildings, alphabetical:

Cultural Centre & City Library

Keith Williams Architects

Exhibition Hall, Porta Palazzo
Massimiliano Fuksas Architects

Fata Building
Oscar Niemeyer

Fiat factory
G.Matté Trucco

Galleria Sabauda Turin

Rick Mather Architects

Palasport speed skating arena

HOK Architects

Santo Volto di Torino, off viale della Spina
Mario Botta Architetto

Toolbox professional incubator
Caterina Tiazzoldi
Toolbox professional incubator
photo : Sebastiano Pellion di Persano

Toolbox professional incubator

University of Turin – School of Biotechnology, Via Nizza
Luciano Pia

More Turin Architecture projects online soon

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New Trade Fair
Design: Massimiliano e Doriana Fuksas Architects
New Trade Fair Milan
photo © Archivio Fuksas

New Trade Fair Milan

University Luigi Bocconi
Design: Grafton Architects
University Luigi Bocconi
photograph : Federico Brunetti

University Luigi Bocconi

Bologna Civic Offices
Design: Mario Cucinella Architects
Bologna Civic Offices
photo : Daniele Domenicali

Bologna Civic Offices

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