Shipping Container Bridge Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv Shipping Container Bridge, Ariel Sharon Park Crossing, Israeli Architecture Project

Shipping Container Bridge Tel Aviv

ECOtainer: Ariel Sharon Park Structure Israel: New Walkway – design by Yoav Messer Architects

8 + 5 Aug 2016

ECOtainer Tel Aviv – Shipping Container Bridge

Shipping Container Bridge Tel Aviv

Design: Yoav Messer Architectst

160m-long bridge made from shipping containers planned for Israel

Yoav Messer Architects has designed a bridge made from recycled shipping containers for a park under construction in Tel Aviv, Israel.

First Prize Winner in the Ariel Sharon Park Competition

Shipping Container Bridge Tel Aviv

The 160m structure will be placed in Ariel Sharon Park, and will have two observation decks located on top of the containers, linked by a rooftop walkway.

Its modular units can be adapted to include additional features. For example, shutters will be added to increase shade and it will be fitted with solar panels to generate electricity.

The bridge will be supported by a steel truss and three columns, allowing it to support light vehicles as well as pedestrians.

Tel Aviv Shipping Container Bridge

The design is based on the park’s theme of reuse; the structure will be fabricated offsite to decrease overall construction time on site.

It is unknown when the bridge will be completed, although Ariel Sharon Park is due to open in 2020.


A new bridge called ECOtainer made from recycled shipping containers will render “trash mountain” unrecognizable to residents of Tel Aviv. The Hiriya landfill just outside of Tel Aviv shut down in 1998 after becoming the repository for 25 million tons of waste. More mountain than landfill, Hiriya has since been transformed into one of the world’s most successful reclamation projects.

Already the methane emitted from Hiriya is harvested to power a nearby factory and the surrounding area is being converted into an urban park that is safe for a variety of outdoor recreational activities. Now Yosef Messer Architects have won the Econtainer Bridge Competition, which may result in the construction of a bridge made of recycled shipping containers linking Arial Sharon Park with the main thoroughfare leading to Tel Aviv.

About 70 percent of the ECOtainer bridge will be constructed in a factory, which goes a long way to reducing site damage, and wooden platforms will create a path through the shipping containers, which will comprise the project’s “skeleton,” according to the design team.

Shipping Container Bridge in Tel Aviv

Both a passageway for cyclists, pedestrians and light vehicles, the Econtainer Bridge will also be a destination in itself. Benches will be available on either edge, and rooftop platforms will frame panoramic views of southern Tel Aviv.

Photovoltaic panel louvers will serve the dual purpose of creating shading and generating energy for lighting so that the bridge will be completely self-sufficient.


Planning team: Yoav Messer Architects | Iftah Hayner | Hagar Admi
3D: Studio Aiko
Images: Yoav Messer Architects

The bridge will connect Lod road (route 461, which leads from east Tel Aviv to Bnei Atarot village) straight to the center of Hiriya Mountain Park. The bridge will be used by pedestrians, bicycle riders and special vehicles that will function as shuttles to transport the public from the parking areas into the park itself.


Messer’s guideline to planning philosophy is to create a place in which the connection between context (environment), people and spirit is paramount.
This notion of place (“makom” – which also means “god” in Hebrew) is at the heart of the Jewish religion. These three elements are the foundation of
the design concept in the process of creating “a place”.

source: ECOtainer Tel Aviv by Yoav Messer Architects

Location:Tel Aviv, Israel

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Shipping Container Bridge Tel Aviv

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