Municipal Civic Center – Hod-Hasharon Building

Municipal Civic Center Hod-Hasharon, New Israel Architecture Masterplan, Image, Architect, Design

Municipal Civic Center : Hod-Hasharon Building

Masterplan Design in Israel – design by Chyutin Architects

22 May 2013

Municipal Civic Center Masterplan, Hod-Hasharon

Location: north east of Tel Aviv, north west Israel

Architects: Chyutin Architects

Municipal Civic Center Hod-Hasharon Building
image from architects

The municipality of Hod-Hasharon was established as a cluster of four colonies or neighborhoods, each of which has its own center of public activities. The aim of the proposed municipal civic center is to create a complex of public services in an area common to the four neighborhoods, to unite them into a municipal fabric.

Municipal Civic Center Hod-Hasharon Building
image from architects

The center comprises six functional complexes: a civic complex at the north of the site, which includes a new three-story municipality building and other public buildings around an open public courtyard; a commerce, business and entertainment complex which will be a focus of activities during day and night; a city square complex that opens onto the main road and traces the natural topography; an existing memorial complex surrounded by trees commemorating the fallen in Israel’s wars; a cultural and educational complex that includes, among others, an auditorium and an open amphitheater, overlooking the park; an academic complex facing the park, and abutting a protected grove of eucalyptus trees.

A public park extends from the east of the site, sloping down from the built-up hill towards the wadi and the road. The main pedestrian axis, which begins from the pedestrian mall beside the commerce, business and entertainment building, runs from the north of the site to the eucalyptus grove and joins the pedestrian bridge that passes over the park, concluding beyond the tree-lined avenue in the park, in the vicinity of the school that exists there.

Municipal Civic Center Hod-Hasharon Building Municipal Civic Center Hod-Hasharon Building Municipal Civic Center Hod-Hasharon Building Municipal Civic Center Hod-Hasharon Building
images from architects

Municipal Civic Center in Hod-Hasharon – Building Information

Title: Municipal Civic Center, Hod-Hasharon, Israel Architects: Chyutin Architects
Location: Hod Ha’Sharon, Israel
Project area: 24 acres
Project Team: Chyutin Bracha; Chyutin Michael; Dahan Jacques
Status: Competition entry 2012 – 2nd prize

Municipal Civic Center Hod-Hasharon images / information from Chyutin Architects

Municipal Civic Center Hod-Hasharon architect : Chyutin Architects

Nadav Lasser (Owner, ZeZeZe Architecture Gallery) told us on 22 May 2013: “It is perhaps worthwhile to mention that this proposal was part of an invitation-only competition held by the Hod Hasharon municipality 4 years ago, and of the 9 invited practices only 2 (Chyutin and Baruch-Solomon Architects) actually submitted proposals.”

Location:Hod-Hasharon, Tel Aviv

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Municipal Civic Center Hod-Hasharon

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