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Nantes Buildings : Architecture

Contemporary Loire-Atlantique Architectural Developments in northwest France, Europe

Location: Loire-Atlantique, northwest of France, near Saint-Nazaire

Nantes Buildings

Recent Buildings in Nantes

1 Apr 2020
Mayflower Apartment Building
Architects: ECDM
Mayflower Apartment Building Nantes France
photograph : Salem Mostefaoui

Mayflower Apartment Building in Nantes
Geometric, quantified, the void is the predominant material of facades, designed by ECDM Architects.

18 Jan 2019
Grand Musée d’Art – building one of the 40 shortlisted works for Mies van der Rohe Award 2019
Design: Stanton Williams Architects
Grand Musée d'Art Nantes France building
photo © Hufton+Crow

Grand Musée d’Art NantesEU Mies Award Shortlist 2019
10 May 2018
A winner of RIBA Awards for International Excellence 2018

18 Jan 2019
Four Buildings in Nantes
Design: Thibaud Babled Architectes Urbanistes
Four Buildings in Nantes France
image courtesy of architects office

Four Buildings in Nantes
The Paris office of Thibaud Babled Architectes Urbanistes just delivered a multipurpose complex comprised of 4 buildings, housing the headquarters of the Nantes Métropole “proximity” center, an office of Pôle Emploi (national employment agency) and housing.

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Hub Creatic Nantes Office Building, La Chantrerie
Design: Tetrarc, architects
Hub Creatic Nantes
image courtesy of architects practice

Hub Creatic, La Chantrerie, Nantes
The Tetrarc agency has put its name to the Hub Créatic in Nantes, a building dedicated to young companies developing new digital applications. Behind its lively yellow walls, the building assembles seventy of these start-ups businesses.

24 Jul 2012
Touching the Loire
Design: Atelier Arcau
Touching the Loire Housing Offices Nantes Building
photographs : Hervé Le Reste, photographe à Vannes

Touching the Loire, Nantes
Following an international competition bringing together 60 team applications, “Touching the Loire” came third. The project mixes housing, activities and services, including the extension of the largest veterinary clinic in France.

Key Architecture Projects, alphabetical:

Aplix factory building, Le Cellier
Date built: 1997-99/2000
Design: Dominique Perrault Architectes
Aplix factory building
photo © Georges Fessy / DPA / ADAGP

Nantes Tripode
Date: 2010
Design: Atelier d’architecture Christian de Portzamparc
Nantes Tripode building
image from architecture practice

Nantes Tripode

More Nantes Architecture projects online soon

Location: Nantes, France

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Saint-Nazaire Architecture

Salorge Building, Pornic, north west France
Design: Atelier Arcau
Salorge Town Community Building
photo from architects office

The town of Pornic’s elected representatives expressed their “deep-rooted” commitment to regional tradition, immediately excluding any other architectural form that did not match the traditional volumes and templates of the Pays de Retz, such as roofs with gable roofs, covered in tiles.

French Architecture – Selection

Zenith Music Hall Strasbourg
Design: Massimiliano Fuksas Architecture

Zenith Saint-Etienne Building
Design: Foster + Partners

Pierre Vives Montpellier Project
Design: Zaha Hadid Architects

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