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Building Re-Skinning Competition

Retrofit Architecture Contest News – reduce property’s environmental impact

21 May 2009
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Building Re-Skinning Competition – 2009

The purpose is to advance the state-of-the-art in building retrofitting technologies. The task of re-skinning existing infrastructure to increase energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact is a timely and urgent challenge.

The Building Reskinning Competition is also one of the most exciting opportunities for technological collaboration on a global level.

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Building Reskinning Competition Retrofit Building Reskinning Competition

Images by Edward Burtynsky, Canadian Photographer, artist and environmentalist

Building Re-Skinning Competition Dates

The Competition Timeline:

11-12 May 2009: Competition launches

1 Sep 2009: Deadline for submission of designs

30 Sep 2009: Judging completed, 5 finalists selected

31 Mar 2011: Finalist project construction completed

31 Mar 2014: Energy monitoring completed, Z-Prize winner announced

Building Re-Skinning Competition

Building Re-Skinning Contest Criteria

– aesthetics

– energy efficiency

– smart technology

– return on investment

– potential as a solution for large numbers of buildings

The Z-Prize

The winning 5 entries will be monitored for a period of 3 years after completion of the retrofit to examine and compare how they actually perform in practice.

The Z-Prize will be given to the building that has most reduced the energy per square foot, averaged over the 3 years of monitoring.

We hope to make the Z-Prize, the largest prize in the world for Architecture so as to encourage high quality worldwide participation.

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picture from organisers

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Burj Khalifa
photo © Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture


Zerofootprint is a socially responsible enterprise whose mission is to apply technology, design and risk management to the massive reduction of our environmental footprint.

We operate both in the for-profit and charitable domains through two entities, Zerofootprint Software and Zerofootprint Foundation using shared technology.

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