Zonnebeke Library, Belgium: Flanders’ Fields Builidng

Zonnebeke Library, Belgian Building, Image, Architecture, Chateau Park, Tyne Cot

Zonnebeke Library, Belgium : Architecture

Flanders Building, Belgium – design by Wim Supply Architect

11 Apr 2008

Zonnebeke Library Building

New library in Zonnebeke, Flanders (Dutch : De Letterschuur)
Design: Wim Supply

Photographs: Jan Theuninck

Zonnebeke Library

Architecture – Literature to remember the Great War

Belgian architect Wim Supply realized an integration project in Zonnebeke, a village in Flanders’ Fields, the battlefields of the Great War.

In the Chateau Park, where you find the Memorial Museum Passchendaele 1917, he built a cortensteel building to house the youth library of Zonnebeke.

De Letterschuur

Not only the color of the building refers to the war, but he also put the text of a poessay by Jan Theuninck on its wall. This text, Tyne Cot, refers to Tyne Cot Cemetery, the largest cemetery for Commonwealth forces on the continent.

Zonnebeke Library Belgium

Through 30 years of experience, Wim Supply became a most respected architect in Belgium : In 2003 he was the architect of a coastal project, named Literaal, where poems where put on dikes and public places alongside the Belgian North Sea coast.

Zonnebeke Library Building images / information from photographer

Location:Zonnebeke, Flemish Region, Belgium