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Contemporary Spanish Residential Buildings – New Homes in Catalonia

Catalan House – Latest Designs

Catalonian Residential Architecture – latest additions to this page, arranged chronologically:

House in Vallvidrera, near Barcelona – 2 Oct  2013
Design: YLAB Arquitectos Barcelona
House in Vallvidrera
photo : Marcella Grassi

This house in the Vallvidrera neighborhood, a residential area with views overlooking the city of Barcelona, is located on a very sloping and small plot. The objectives was to get the maximum possible building area within a tight budget and an optimized orientation of all openings while protecting the privacy of the owners.

House in La Floresta, Catalonia – 3 Sep 2013
Design: Alventosa Morell Arquitectes
La Floresta House
photo : Alventosa Morell Arquitectes

This Project springs up after some previous conversations with the owner of the site, who shares our concern about the exhaustion of the sources of fossil energies, and also the need of being more respectful with our immediate environment. This house is located in the chain of Collserola mountains, which is the Nature Reserve of Barcelona. This building site, situated in the south side of a small hill, is a piece of ground that the family have been taken a great care over it; and that thanks to its thick vegetation has a unique microclimate where is very easy to relax and forget the stress of the big city and its metropolitan area.

Pomaret Houses, Collserolla / Barcelona
Design: Picharchitects
Casa Pomaret
photo : Simon Garcia

Pomaret Houses – 17 May 2013
Three challenges backbone the proposal on the one hand the need for a formal dialogue with an existing house, on the other its integration with the surrounding green space and finally the possibility of incorporating passive and active systems that advance the building`s commitment to environmental sustainability.

Sant Cugat del Vallès Student Housing
Design: H ARQUITECTES + dataAE
Sant Cugat del Vallès Housing Barcelona
photo : Adrià Goula

Sant Cugat del Vallès Student Housing – 21 Feb 2013
The new dwelling house for university students is located in the same block as the Vallès Architecture School. The project proposed intends to keep its balance among the existing buildings, outside areas and the new dwelling house, which is formed from two parallel to street blocks layed out over two floors and separated by a central atrium.

Can Bisa, Vilassar de Mar, east of Barcelona, Catalonia
Design: Batlle i Roig, arquitectes
Can Bisa Vilassar de Mar House Casa Vilassar de Mar
photograph : A. Flajszer

Catalan Housing – 3 Oct 2012
Can Bisa is a late-19th century mansion now owned by Vilassar de Mar Council. Situated on the Riera de Cabrils watercourse, it occupies part of a street block that used to include a factory, now demolished. Its historic and heritage value and the strategic position it occupies in the town as a whole led the Council to consider it the ideal venue for a cultural facility, completing the complex with a social housing block.

Casa Renau + Casa Prat
Design: Rob Dubois
Casa Renau
Casa Renau
picture from architect
A high wall of almost 6m at the back of the site is the cause that the house is organized sideways towards the only free side of the plot where there are no obstructions in sight on short distance.

Casa Prat
Casa Prat La Roca del Vallès Property House Barcelona
picture from architect
A simple geometry and a concept with references to a rocky world as a tribute to the nearby mountains considered for a generous house with an extensive program (790 m² built between basement, groundfloor & first floor), situated on a hill with unbeatable views towards this group of mountains that form the Montseny.
Barcelona Properties – added 30 Apr 2012

Casa 804, Parets del Vallès, Catalonia
Casa Parets del Vallès
photo : Pedro-Antonio-Perez

Casa 804
Located in a pleasant residential neighbourhood, the house is a compact building (almost a cube) surrounded by a 3 meters wide perimeter indispensable courtyard, which is the minimum mandatory gap based on current regulations.
The pre-existing yard, the swimming-pool and the shed set at the back of the plot are preserved by express wish of the owners.

House 712, Gualba, north east of Barcelona
Gualba House
photo : Adrià Goula Sardà

Gualba House

Barcelona Houses – Recent Designs

Casa, Les Franqueses del Vallés
CPVA Arquitectes
Les Franqueses del Vallés House
picture : Simon Garcia

Les Franqueses del Vallés house
Casa M
House M
picture from architects

Casa M Barcelona

Barcelona Houses

Barcelona house interior
marià castelló, arquitecte
Barcelona House
image from architect

Barcelona house interior
Casa 89, L’ametlla del Vallès
Casa 89 Barcelona
photo : Adrià Goula Sardà

Casa 89 Barcelona
Casa 101, Mollet del Vallès, Catalunya
Casa 101 Barcelona
photo : Starp Estudi

Catalonian house
Casa 108, Rosamar, Costa Brava
Costa Brava house
photo : Starp Estudi

Costa Brava house
Housing 137, Granollers
Costa Brava house
image from architect

Housing 137
Casa 205, Vacarisses, Catalunya
Vacarisses house
photo : Starp Estudi

Vacarisses house
Ground Scape – Villa, Valldoreix
Mangera Yvars Architects
Barcelona villa
image from architect

Barcelona villa

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Casa Mila Barcelona
Antoni Gaudi, Architect
Casa Milà
photo © Adrian Welch

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PGA Catalunya Villa
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Solar house Spain
photograph : Adrià Goula

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