Casa M, Barcelona House: Contemporary Catalan Property

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Casa M, Barcelona

Modern Spanish residential building – design by RTA-Office, arquitecte, Spain

9 Mar 2011

House M

Location: Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain

Architect: Santiago Parramón (RTA-Office)

Contemporary Catalan Residence

House M has been designed by the architect Santiago Parramón (RTA-Office). The original idea for the development of this project consisted in the connection of two pieces by a bridge to fixe relations. By this way, each space disposition would generate a new volume. Thus and gradually a possible definitive shape arises.

Casa M Barcelona House M Barcelona House M Casa M

Once understood the main objects and parameters of the land, they went on in a remodelling process to the final project, phase in which volume becomes a skin defining the space. A “negative/positive” effect is showed on it. During the day, the openings let the light come into and they focus the view on the exterior. During the night, light is projected in different intensities through a range of little drilled holes, cuts in the skin which separates from the house and through the textured glass, marking a different rhythm to the inside levels.

Approaching by one side, the building seems to float leaning out to the street. However, ahead, a perforated wall seeks the main access level.

The house is divided in two wings with two levels each. Spaces create a “U” around the central garden. On the first floor, the kitchen and the dining-room face the living-room. Upstairs, the second floor is separated in two zones: one for adults and another one for kids, connected by the bridge. Children wing floats above the swimming pool and delimits the area of the garden adjacent to the living-room.

Casa M Barcelona House M Barcelona House M

The house is showed opened and introverted: the corridors are placed in the external perimeter with a maxim overture glass which is opened to the central garden. Its texture and design agree with the effect and movement of the perforated wall.

House M images / information from RTA-Office


Location:Barcelona, Spain