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Bar Designs : Contemporary Interiors

Major Projects from around the world: Contemporary Property Design

Contemporary Bar Designs

We’ve selected the most signficant examples of Bar Interiors. The focus is on contemporary interiors.

Restaurant & Bar Design Awards : entry information for 2013

Bar Design – Featured Interiors

Architecture Designs, chronological:

Blackhound Bar and Lounge, New York, USA
Design: Wid Chapman Architects
Blackhound Bar and Lounge New York
photo © Paul Johnson

Carved out of the SWNY space with a separate theme and entrance, this venue is an intimate and modern interpretation of the speakeasy, featuring a leather tufted, paneled bar at the front and, accessed through a set of saloon doors, a discreet plush lounge in the back that invokes a private living room.

Bo Zen Bar, Braga, Portugal
Design: Central Arquitectos
Bo Zen Bar Braga
photo : Joao Morgado

Bo Zen Bar – 20 Mar 2013
The challenge for the architects was to design a Bar located in a pre-existing building whose concept was to create a space with the characteristics of a private living room. The project explores the creation of a noble and refined place with a strong oriental inspiration. A mixture of noble materials such as marble, wood and gilt metal combined with a palette of warm colors and textured fabrics offers a cozy and comfortable ambient. A monumental hall marks the entrance with a contemporary style and leads to the living room of the bar.

Bar in a Cave, Porto Cristo, Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain
Architect: A2arquitectos
Porto Cristo Building
photograph : Sergio Vico

Bar in a Cave – added 16 Nov 2012
The great natural entrance to the Caves of Hams in Mallorca houses a lush botanic garden. It is in this entrance that the bar is situated and made up of a piece of backlit glass of 10 metres in length. The counter of the bar, the most important element of the project, is fitted into a concrete cavity made up of straight lines, designed to contrast with the organic forms of the cave and can be closed under a transparent cover.

Numero Bar, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Design: Isay Weinfeld arquiteto
Numero Bar
image : Leonardo Finotti

Numero Bar
This bar design was built on a very narrow and long strip of land in the Jardins area, in São Paulo. A walkway runs from the street through a hallway/tunnel fully covered in mirrors, leading to the main hall. At the Numero bar entrance, the ceiling is extremely low and the view of the hall – cascaded – is unimpeded. Progressing towards the back, the height gradually increases: descending levels feature comfortable lounging areas, under a ceiling that extends on a continually rising surface.

Q Bar, Beijing, China
Design: crossboundaries architects
Q Bar Beijing
picture : Yang Chao Ying

Q Bar Beijing
The architects were approached by the owners of Q Bar to design the new rooftop. The design was required to solve several issues: to contain the sound produced by the clientele, to create a half-enclosed environment, with different views, with places to partially hide. the architects thought that the best solution in this case was to use an architectural device that could partially enclose vertically and horizontally the space. It is abstract, almost as a sculpture, a vertical stele 3.5m high. By duplicating this device on the rooftop the space is organized, separated, and fragmented. The result is an environment that allows intimacy and stimulates curiosity.

Jules Cocktail Bar, Mexico City
Design: Chic By Accident
Jules Cocktail Bar Mexico City
photo : Ramiro Chaves
Jules Cocktail Bar

Bar Interiors

Featured Bar Designs, alphabetical:

Egan’s Coffee Bar, Portlaoise, Ireland
Design: Architecture53seven, Architect
Egan's Coffee Bar
image from architect

Egan’s Coffee Bar

Nisha Bar-Lounge Acapulco, Mexico
Design: Pascal Arquitectos
Nisha Bar Acapulco
photograph : Sófocles Hernández

Nisha Bar-Lounge Acapulco

Nisha Bar-Lounge Mexico City
Pascal Arquitectos
Mexico City Bar
photograph : Jaime Navarro

Mexico City Bar

Qubik bar Monfalcone, Gorizia, Italy
waltritsch a+u
Bar Qubik Monfalcone
picture : Marco Covi

Qubik bar Monfalcone

Qubik bar Gorizia, Italy
waltritsch a+u
Qubik bar Gorizia
photo : Marco Covi

Qubik bar Gorizia

Werd Restaurant & Bar, Zürich, Switzerland
Burkhalter Sumi Architekten
Swiss Restaurant Interior
photograph : Heinz Ungers

Swiss Restaurant Interior

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A club + bar interior design on e-architect:

M.N.ROY Club, Mexico City
Chic By Accident
Mexico City Club
photo : Ramiro Chaves

Mexico City Club
The designers kept the house as a testimony of what it was, the house where Manabendra Nath Roy founded the first clandestine Mexican communist party.

Other Bar Architecture – no images, alphabetical:

Oloroso Restaurant & Bar, Edinburgh New Town, Scotland, UK
Richard Murphy Architects
Oloroso : contemporary Scottish interior

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