Grandview Drive Residence, Australia Waterfront Property Design, Photo

Grandview Drive Residence : Coolum Beach House

Coolum Beach Property, Residential Development in Queensland – design by Deicke Richards

30 Jun 2009

Grandview Drive Residence

Date built: 2009

Design: Deicke Richards

Location: Coolum, Queensland, Australia

Photos: Jon Linkins

Coolum Beach is a beachside town on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia and is also the beach around which the town is based

Coolum Beach Property

Conceptual framework

Grandview Drive Residence is a small holiday home on a long, narrow and steep site facing east towards the ocean in Coolum. Possessing a regional coastal character, the design responds to the challenging nature of the site and is formed as a series of small ‘beach shack’ scaled volumes either side of a central stair that follows the slope of the site.

The stair terminates in the main deck for the house which has commanding views of the ocean. Spaces are practical and open with careful visual links between each other, the ocean and the naturally landscaped surrounds.

Grandview Drive Residence Grandview Drive Residence design by Deicke Richards

Public and Cultural Benefits
The site is visually prominent from a number of locations within Coolum and the house responds to the slope and vegetation without dominating the area.

Relationship to Built Form and Context
The site falls away to the east in front of the Coolum water reservoir on a steep hill with a number of brushbox tree groupings, sandstone boulders and outcrops. Surrounding this is an eclectic mix of detached dwellings. In response the house is a low, lightweight articulated dwelling within the existing tree line.

Adjustments to the existing landform were minimised to create a natural setting for the building. The main entry to the house is from the west and a secondary pedestrian access to the east, consistent with the adjoining dwellings.

Program Resolution
The functional brief was for a flexible three bedroom two bathroom home with a single living area and associated utility spaces.

A series of stairs leads from the top of the site through the house to access viewing areas beyond. Along this route are bookshelves and resting places that allow multiple uses of this important circulation area. Windows and internal openings provide a sequence of diagonal views across rooms that gradually reveal the house and landscape beyond. A sliding glass door to the main living area provides transparent wind protection to the deck when extended beyond the building line.

The interior of the house is simple and warm with carefully integrated joinery and seating.

Coolum Beach Property, Residential Development in Queensland design by Deicke Richards Coolum Beach Property in Queensland Coolum Beach Residence design by Deicke Richards Coolum Beach Property Queensland

Integration of Allied Disciplines
A significant amount of time with structural engineers and the builder simplified the framing system for the dwelling and mitigated the visual impact of the exposed floor structure.

Cost /Value Outcome
Careful management of building costs through documentation, the tender process and contractual administration contained project costs within the client’s expectations.

Effective natural ventilation was achieved through aggregated massing, generous openings between rooms and high level ventilation. Timber resources were managed responsibly through the use of treated and painted exposed pine framing. Exposed decks are framed and decked in hardwood to decrease life cycle costs. A rainwater tank was also installed.

Coolum Beach Residence design Beach Property Australia Coolum Beach Property Queensland Grandview Drive Residence

Response to Client and User needs
The house caters well for a family on a relaxed vacation. Using the house is intuitive and it is simple to open up and close down between stays. Bedroom and bathroom storage areas have open shelving and accessible space for luggage after unpacking.

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Location: Grandview Drive, Coolum Beach, Queensland, Australia

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