Cooroy Art Temple: Australian Studio, Queensland

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Cooroy Art Temple, Australia

New Noosa Building in Queensland: Architecture – design by Paolo Denti JMA Architects

21 Oct 2008

Cooroy Art Temple Queensland

Design: Paolo Denti JMA Architects

Location: Cooroy Mountain

Cooroy Art Temple Queensland Cooroy Art Temple Cooroy Mountain Queensland Building Cooroy Mountain Studio

Contemporary Building in Queensland

World Architecture Festival Awards 2008

Religion and Contemplation Category Finalist

Project Architect: Paolo Denti

Cooroy Art Temple Building Cooroy Mountain Building Cooroy Mountain Building in Queensland

Cooroy Art Temple Queensland images / information from Paolo Denti JMA Architects

Oceanic art within shows how mountains connect heaven and earth. The studio retreat consists of two pavilions. A separate introverted service pavilion sits within a hillock crater freeing the main translucent winged atelier. As it hovers like an insect, refracting shafts of light, it engages the mountain without bruising the landscape.

The pavilion connects mountain and stream – a spiritual retreat. As pastoral uses cease in the hinterland, there is a growing emergence of rural suburbia with large “Mac-mansions.`

Our architectural and urban design company is committed to projects that explore new and creative uses for rural land which is inland from the coastal edge. The idea of an art temple where spiritual workshops, art conferences, exhibitions and artists in residence can take place formed the brief for this project. Spectacular views and a strong relationship with topography forms the basis for artist creativity and inspiration. The project connects sky and earth and the architectural program allows the studio to “fly` with translucent wings. It is a separate entity to the hilltop as compared to neighbouring “heavy` domestic archetypes.

Location: Cooroy Mountain, Noosa, Queensland, Australia

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