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New Roof in Corvallis, OR

Jan 21, 2020

FAQ About a New Roof in Corvallis, OR – Must Know About Corvallis Roofing

Installing a roof is undoubtedly a big decision. For a new homeowner, installing the roof can look like a daunting task, especially because he has several questions on his mind. It is important to ask as many questions as possible before installing a new roof so that there is no confusion after the roof has been installed. Certain common frequently asked questions have been listed below which will help you to understand everything that you need to know about installing a new roof on your commercial or residential building.

What is the cost of a new roofing system?

The price of the roofing system is going to vary widely. It is normally dependent on important things like the kind of material that has been selected, the contractor who has taken up the project, the location of your home or residential building, local rates, and most importantly, the time when you are going to install the roof. To make sure that you are getting the perfect idea of the price of the roofing system, you can consider getting at least three proposals from contractors who are present around your area. One thing that has to be kept on your mind is that the price has to be balanced with the kind of materials that are being used along with workmanship.

How can I determine the roofing cost?

When determining the roofing cost, you need to know an important formula. The formula is:

The total cost of labor and materials ÷ life expectancy of the roof system= annual cost of roofing.

I have received different proposals from different contractors. Which one should I select?

When a contractor is giving you any proposal, it has to be written down clearly and broken separately, which will help you to understand everything at once. This is the perfect sign of a great contractor because he has prepared the perfect estimate for you. The proposal has to be something like this:

  • The kind of roof covering, color, and manufacturer.
  • Materials that are going to be included.
  • Scope of work.
  • The person is responsible for taking care of the exterior and interior landscape.
  • Installation method.
  • Approximate date of starting and completion.
  • Procedures for payment.
  • Warranty of everything that is covered.

If your contractor has given this kind of a proposal, you should choose him without a second thought. To know more, visit As stated by, do not forget to check the experience of the contractors.

I have received different estimates for replacing the asphalt shingle roof and the prices are varying. What should I do? 

It has often been observed that after getting proposals of roof replacement from different contractors, people often go for the lowest proposal. However, if the price is extremely low, it can be fishy. The reason behind this is that while the bid might be low and attractive, the contractors who are going to work are inexperienced and might not have the necessary licenses and permits. Also, there is a high probability that they are going to perform low quality work. When you find estimates confusing, you need to ask your contractor to break everything down perfectly for you.


It is not a bad thing to ask questions. Make sure that you are going through all the frequently asked questions that have been listed above so that you do not have any extra confusion later on.

FAQ About a New Roof in Corvallis, OR Advice
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