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O Fournier Winery Argentina

New Building in San Carlos, Mendoza – design by Bórmida & Yanzón Architects

24 Oct 2008

O. Fournier Winery

Location: San Carlos, Mendoza, Argentina, South America

Design: Bórmida & Yanzón Architects

South Facade
O. Fournier Winery
photograph: Garcia & Betancourt

Winery Building in Argentina


Location and Landscape:
Located in the main wine region of Argentina, O Fournier Winery sits in a vast dry plain cradled by the Andes Mountains, whereby an oasis gives life to miles of artificially irrigated vineyards.

Wine Cellar
O. Fournier Winery
photograph: Garcia & Betancourt

The project features four separate blocks in different levels that facilitate a continuous gravityflow system. This design features the ablility to continue building in stages while integrating wine tourism and catering to the client’s needs.

North Facade
O. Fournier Winery
photograph: Garcia & Betancourt

The different volumes coexist in harmony with their surroundings in an innovative approach that resulted in two circuits: an effective industrial circuit and a tourist circuit, endowed with beautiful landscapes and architectural experiences.

O. Fournier Winery
photograph: Garcia & Betancourt

Each of the four volumes, built in reinforced concrete, glass and stainless steel, correspond to a specific function and adapt perfectly to the changing environment and weather conditions.

North Facade
O. Fournier Winery
photograph: Garcia & Betancourt

O Fournier follows an innovative architectural concept that seeks to express the very essence of XXI Century New World Wines while promoting a strong corporate image.
The most representative elements of the building could be described as follows:

Vintage Terrace: The terrace is embraced by two ramps on either side, sheltered by a steel cantilever umbrella cover. It comprises a central lab with iron and glass bridges and other annexes, and a central skylight that lights up the lower structure.

Wine Cellar: The cellar is located underground just below the winery’s central core, which is the reception area of the winery. Its distinctive concrete structure creates a cross sectional skylight. There is an iron catwalk, elevated off the ground, which diagrams the visitors’ circuit route.

Visitors’ Centre: The visitors’ centre consists of a bi leveled glass structure connected to the cellar and a deck, just above the irrigation pond overlooking the majestic Andes.

Panoramic View
O. Fournier Winery
image: Gustavo Sosa Pinilla

O. Fournier Winery – Building Information

O. Fournier Winery
photograph: Garcia & Betancourt

O. Fournier Winery Mendoza – Building Information

– Project name: O. Fournier Winery
– Project address: los Indios Street (no number)
– Project address: La Consulta
– Town / City: San Carlos
– County / State: Mendoza
– Postcode / Zip: 5569
– Country: Argentina
– Project completed: 30 Jul 2007
– Area: 1º stage: 9500 m2, 2º stage: 2000 m2, Total: 11.500 m2
– Liters: 600.000

Visitors’ Center
O. Fournier Winery
photo: Gustavo Albera

New Winery in San Carlos – Design Team

– Principal Partners: Eliana Bórmida & Mario Yanzón – Bórmida & Yanzón Architects
– Project Designers: Eliana Bórmida & Mario Yanzón – Bórmida & Yanzón Architects
– Project Manager: Gustavo Albera – Bórmida & Yanzón Architects
– Project Manager Assistant: Sonia Enriz and Paula Sanchez – Bórmida & Yanzón Architects
– Client / Developer: José Manuel Ortega – O. Fournier Winery
– Industrial Consultant: Felix Ruiz
– Industrial Designer: Ari Doctors – Grupo de Diseño
– Interior Designer: Bórmida & Yanzón Architects
– Landscape Designer: Eduardo Vera
– Main Contractor: Millennium S.R.L.
– Manager: José Luis Buesa – O. Fournier Winery
– Master planner: Bórmida & Yanzón Architects
– Structural Engineer: Juan Camps & Associates
– Sustainability Consultant: Mariano Morales
– Wine Maker: José Spisso – O. Fournier Winery

Mendoza Winery – also by Bórmida & Yanzón Architects

O Fournier Winery Mendoza images / information from Bórmida & Yanzón Architects

Location: los Indios Street, La Consulta, San Carlos, Mendoza, Argentina

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