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La Parra Winery in Buenos Aires

Wine Bar Interior Development, Argentina – design by Epífita Arquitectura

9 Mar 2016

La Parra Winery

Design: Epífita Arquitectura

Location: Ciudad de la Paz 596, Colegiales, CABA Argentina

All architecture is ephemeral and is future support for other architectures or activies. The ephemeral may be transferred to new media that is always constituted as a recipient of multiple configurations and variations through minimal efforts.

La Parra Winery

Overlapping, overlaying, adding successive deposits of thin layers of matter without removing or destroying is that the city is built. Discard, waste, and more importantly the future waste is avoided. The support is inteded for overlapping but never to become rubble. The overlap implies lightness and facilitates resemantization.

La Parra Winery

La Parra Winery

This premise is carried out in the conditioning of a small space to be transformed into a wine bar, La Parra Winery. The interior atmosphere is achieved through the montage of furniture and new surfaces applied over the existing. Based on the idea that at a rental space should avoid any kind of wet work, economic, light and conventional materials are proposed to generate a needed intimate atmosphere. Cold and warm textures, that work together through an almost theatrical lighting, are contrasted. Phenolic panels and discarded wood work together with galvanized sheets and black melamine plates producing rhythms, silences and reflections.

La Parra Winery

La Parra Winery

The exterior facade of OSB appears to be a box of wine that reconfigures itself recreationally when opening and closing the store. It is a strong showcase of urban communication keeping behind the original batch and weak front.

La Parra Winery

La Parra Winery

Epífita Arquitectura
Epífita is a plant that uses another one as support without parasitizing it.
Epífita is the architecture that uses urban landscape as support through its minimal alteration.
Francisco Sambrizzi graduates as an architect at the Universidad de Buenos Aires with a Posgraduate degree in Landscape Architecture at the Universidad Torcuato Di Tella. In 2012 founds Epífita Arquitectura, which offices are in Galpón Estudio, a work space that houses multiple different activities: architecture, graphic design, industrial design, visual arts, literature.
He participates in numerous projects and competitions, obtaining the Second Prize at Concurso Centro Cultural El Bolsón and becomes finalist at Concurso m_ART, Opengap, España.

He taught at the Facultad de Arquitectura Diseño y Urbanismo from UBA and currently at the Facultad de Arquitectura y Diseño frome UADE where he also contributes to research projects.

La Parra Winery La Parra Winery

La Parra Winery – Building Information

Project: La Parra Winery
Architects: Epífita Arquitectura (Francisco Sambrizzi)
Associates: AB Estudio
Area built: 60 m2
Location: Ciudad de la Paz 596, Colegiales, CABA Argentina
Year: 2015
Construction: Epífita Arquitectura + AB Estudio
Cliente: La Parra Winery

La Parra Winery

Photography: Estudio MiGO

La Parra Winery in Buenos Aires images / information from Epífita Arquitectura

Location:Ciudad de la Paz 596, Colegiales, CABA Argentina

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La Parra Winery in Buenos Aires Building

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