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Architecture Tenders

Museum of Language London Architecture Contest, England, UK

The competition aims at:

• Preservation of language through the creation of a dedicated language bank that exhibits different world languages in an interactive manner.
• Creation of a dedicated learning platform that will allow a detailed research and innovation in terms of the past, present and future world languages.
• Create a poetic response for a language museum through the means of architecture.
• Creating an icon that will have enrich and contribute to the culture of the city of London.


• Early Registration ends: 31st March 2018
• Standard Registration starts: 1st April 2018
• Standard Registration ends: 29th April 2018

• Closing day for Submissions 30th April 2018

Museum of Language London Architecture Competition

: DSGN Workshop Competition, International

This international architecture competition by NGO “DSGN Workshop” is aimed towards students and recent graduates.

The winning proposal of their Innovation Hub Development Scheme competition will then be built in 2019 for their partner community organisation “Five Pillar Foundation” in Bali, Indonesia, as part of a voluntary international architecture and design workshop initiative.

DSGN Workshop:

Matera, city of culture Competition, Southern Italy

15 Apr entry deadline

INSTAURA, portal for restoration and recovery, launches an architectural competition of ideas for the enhancement of Matera, acient city in suthern Italy. The architecture contest aims to intervene in the old center of the city with the insertion of a contemporary sign, Museum of Culture, that can becomes a new pole of interest on an urban scale.

Matera, city of culture Architecture Competition

the new Museum of Culture, a container of traditions.

Anyone can participate, without limits of age or country, either individually or in groups. You cannot take part in the contest with more than one project.

SPECIAL ENTRY: from 15th of January – 25nd of February the fee entry is of 30,00 euros for team (regardless of the number of competitors) and 20,00 euros if the participant is unique.

ORDINARY ENTRY: from 25nd of February – 15th of April the fee entry is of 40,00 euros for team (regardless of the number of competitors) and 25,00 euros if the participant is unique.

The winners will be announced on the website of the Association no later than the date of 21th of May 2018. The first three works will be deserving, are not excluded special mentions.

– The winner will receive a prize of 1000,00 euro (excluding TAX).

– Top three finishers will have an annual digital subscription to MARK MAGAZINE.

– The winners and mentioned will be publicate on and (and on all the sector portals that will promote the initiative), participation in future contests, workshops, and tours organized by and

Bespoke Access Awards 2017/18

27 Feb 2018: deadline

International design competition for fully accessible hotel rooms, with a prize fund of £30,000.

Paralympic Gold Medalist Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson and RIBA Stirling Prize-winning architect Alan Stanton OBE amongst competition judges.

The deadline for the Bespoke Access Awards competition has been extended to Tuesday 27 February 2018.

Bespoke Access Awards Competition

Desert Waypoint for Contemplation and Exhibitions Competition

Montello Foundation is proud to announce a Student Design Competition for A Desert Waypoint for Contemplation and Exhibitions.

Montello Foundation is a foundation dedicated to support artists who foster our understanding of nature, its fragility and our need to protect it.

The Montello Foundation intends to build a waypoint, so artists’ interpretations of nature and our interactions with nature may be the starting point for travelers’ contemplations.

Montello Foundation Architecture Competition 2018
image from architecture competition organisers

The purpose of the structure is threefold: 1) House temporary exhibitions, 2) Create a place of rest and contemplation for travelers and the local community, 3) Provide a place to meet and exchange views and perceptions.

Montello Foundation Competition

Concurso de Ideias Desafios Urbanos’17

The Espaço de Arquitetura portal, sponsored by CS-Tiles, Love, Margres, ATZ, Lummenn and with the institutional support of Fafe City Council, promotes the URBAN CHALLENGES’17 Ideas Contest.

Concurso de Ideias Desafios Urbanos’17
image from architectural competition organisers

The aim is to revitalize the area occupied by the former Fafe Municipal Market, located in an area of around 3000m2, through the design of a new building, next to the Square of Communities, which, due to its privileged location and size, requires a reflection and special attention.
It is expected that this challenge will result in solutions that guarantee the revitalization of the urban fabric, the alteration of the strategic positioning of the surrounding area, with direct effects on the cultural and socio-economic dynamics.

Taking into account the dynamics that it intends to promote and the need, on the one hand, to transfer the Automobile Museum which has a collection of about 60 vehicles, on the other hand, to add the history of the Rally de Portugal as an identity of the city of Fafe, considered the “Rally Cathedral”, the design of the Automobile Museum and the Rally of Portugal (MARP) is considered fundamental.

Architect Award:
1st Prize: 5000.00 € (five thousand euros)
2nd Prize: 1000.00 € (thousand euros)
3rd Prize: 500.00 € (five hundred euros)

Student Award:
1st Prize: € 700.00 (seven hundred euros)
2nd Prize: € 300.00 (three hundred euros)

More information:

Fairy Tales Competition

Jan 5, 2017: entry deadline

Check out the website, download the brief, then register and start creating.

Regular Registration ($55) was open until December 7th
Late Registration ($70) is available until the Submission Deadline on January 5th, 2017.

All participants will receive a discount voucher for their copy of Storytelling Architecture, and two complimentary tickets to the final event at the National Building Museum.

Fairy Tales Architecture Competition

Lanzarote Dynamic Square, Arrecife, Canary Islands, Spain

The Cabildo of Lanzarote has been trying since 1989 to reactivate and enhance the cultural attractiveness of Arrecife. The main objective of this project is to convert the El Almacén plaza (Arrecife) into an urban point of culture and social meeting. And with this contest it is intended to take an important step for it since the proposal will be built.

Lanzarote Dynamic Square Competition
image from architecture contest organisers

Lanzarote Dynamic Square Architecture Competition

fire 24H Competition

22th edition – fire

fire 24H Competition
image from architectural contest organisers

fire Architecture Competition

Promotional registration period from Dec 11 – 15 at 23:59 – Fee € 15 Regular registration period from Dec 16 – Feb 7 at 23:59 – Fee € 20
Late period of registration from Feb 8 -17 at 11:59 – Fee € 25

UnBox Architectural Competition

New architecture competition from a team of young enthusiastic architects and founders of an International architecture and design magazine called “Volume Zero”, a platform for architects and designers to showcase their exquisite works, vision and passion for innovative ideas and concepts.

Under this initiative this year Volume Zero is hosting an open design competition with the concept of space utility and sustainable urban development, to encourage and empower young talented designers and students from around the globe to explore their creative limits.

Jan 15: Last date for submission of entries
Feb 15: Announcement of results

Design contest website:

Kaira Looro Design Competition

Architecture competition for new cultural center – A tribute to the Africa’s culture in a remote place of the earth.

Hundred-years old cultures give birth to Communities, being transmitted through rhymes of those who are narrating it and interpretating tha past through wisdom. One’s accomplishments result from rituals and metamorphosis, bonding the human being to its own roots through dance, history, music, colours, flavours, materials and landscapes.

Early registration: 15 Jan to 13 Feb 2018
Normal registration: 14 Feb to 10 Mar 2018
Late registration: 11 Mar to 4 Apr 2018
Competitions deadline: Apr 25 2018

Kaira Looro Architecture Competition

Cities of Tomorrow Architecture Competition
Cities of Tomorrow Architecture Competition
photo : Jared J Kohler
Cities of Tomorrow Architecture Competition
Violent conflict and persecution, compounded by rising food insecurity, environmental degradation, poor governance and countless other factors, drove more than three million people to leave their countries as refugees or to seek asylum in 2016, joining millions of others already in exile.

Old Street roundabout design competition, London, UK

Transport for London (Tfl) has launched a public consultation over plans to re-design Old Street roundabout in central London.

Long-awaited work to replace the “outdated and intimidating” Old Street roundabout with a two-way road layout and pedestrian area will start in a year, Transport for London announced 4 Dec 2017, reports the London Evening Standard.

Transport chiefs also launched a competition to design a £1 million “iconic gateway” for the “Tech City” area, that will include public art and station entrance links.

Website: (no design contest website located – info welcome at

Through the Prison Wall Architecture Competition

Archistart promotes ‘Through the Prison Wall’ competition – ‘Contatto’ between prisoners and citizens – in collaboration with the Prison of Lecce and has as its goal the rearrangement of Multipurpose Hall spaces of the Prison of Lecce.

The competition requires the design and the self-construction realisation, in a workshop with the participation of the prisoners, of a movable wall of the Multipurpose Hall. The competition winners will build their own project using self-construction techniques, with tools and materials from the prison carpentry, together with the inmates; and the winners will also receive a cash prize of 1000 €.

Design contest web page:

Deadline contest: 28 Feb 2018

Building for a Billion Architecture Competition

‘BUILDING FOR A BILLION’ is an International competition under the initiative ‘India Next’ by UltraTech Cement. This architectural competition invites Engineers and Architects, to develop innovative solutions to tackle the mammoth task of housing every Indian.

Building for a Billion Architecture Competition

The ‘Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana’ (PMAY) was launched on 25th June, 2015 at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi, India with a mission to provide a ‘home for every Indian’. The scheme includes regulated homes for the urban poor and robust (pucca) homes for the rural people. The nearest target is 10 million homes by the year 2019 and 20 million houses for the urban poor by the year 2022.

The overarching details of the architecture competition are:

Innovative, contextual, viable, sustainable and most importantly inclusive solution for housing, along the lines of the Government’s Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana

Professionals: Architects & Engineers (Civil/Structural)
Students: 3rd, 4th, & 5th Year (Individuals and Groups)

Registration : Free
Submission deadline: Jan 14, 2018

Prize Money : 15 Lakhs

For more details and to register, log on to

For queries call: 022-26483164 / 49722318 Or mail: /

Design for Peace Competition
DESIGN FOR PEACE is pleased to invite designers, makers, producers, creative entrepreneurs, social innovators from all over the world to take part in the Global Competition THE PEACEMAKERS CHALLENGE.
Design for Peace Competition 2017 Makers Challenge
image from architectural contest organisers
Design for Peace Competition

Marstopia Design Competition
Marstopia Architecture Competition
image from architectural contest organisers
Marstopia Architecture and Design Competition
Eleven has announced their latest ideas and design competition ‘Marstopia’, the official sequel to their 2016 award-winning international challenge Moontopia. This latest competition invites creatives from all around the world to imagine Marstopia – the first human colony on Mars – and in doing so, begin to define Martian vernacular design.

House In Forest 2018 – Timber House Architecture Competition

Registration Deadline: 1 March 2018
Submission Deadline: 1 March 2018
Price: USD 35

House In Forest 2018 – Timber House Competition
image from architectural contest organisers
House In Forest 2018 – Timber House Architecture Competition

Annual international design competition: House In Forest 2018 – Timber House. This competition is designed to challenge and seek to explore the fantastic ides of architectural design, as well as landscape design and site planning.

Design Awards Competition for the 55th IMCL Conference on Healthy, 10-Minute Neighborhoods

CALL FOR PAPERS – and – DESIGN AWARDS COMPETITION Deadline Extended to November 30, 2017 55th International Making Cities Livable Conference on Healthy, 10-Minute Neighborhoods

May 14-18, 2018, The Shaw Center, Ottawa, Canada

Join us in Ottawa to share your achievements and learn from others how we can best promote healthy, 10-minute neighborhoods. We shall discuss the best models for encouraging walking, biking and public transit, human scale mixed use, places to foster daily social life and community, opportunities for contact with nature and accessible healthy food, and equitable neighborhood planning.

Paper proposals are invited from practitioners, scholars, and elected officials concerned with issues such as the following:

Generating Community in 10-Minute Neighborhoods
Neighborhood plazas, sociable squares
Reclaiming streets for people
Child- and elder-friendly lifetime community
Form based coding to generate “Eyes on the Street”
Advantages of mixed-use, human scale density
How the built environment shapes social life

The Healthy 10-Minute Neighborhood
Active mobility, walkable, bikable streets, complete streets, etc
Integrating public health and planning
Health impact assessment
Health effects of nature – parks, gardens, rivers, incidental green
Health impact of air pollution, urban noise, light pollution; and mitigation strategies
Fighting crime and anti-social behavior through urban design

Planning 10-Minute neighborhoods
Land-use planning for new neighborhoods
Re-shaping suburbia into healthy 10-minute neighborhoods
Essential elements of 10-minute neighborhoods
Transit-oriented, mixed-use development
Restructuring suburbs: malls, multi-functional schools, mixed-use infill

The Ecologically Sustainable 10-Minute Neighborhood
Fighting climate change by healthy urban design
Sustainability of mixed-use human scale density
Green architecture, green urban design
Combatting food deserts, urban agriculture
Healthy green and blue urban ecosystems

The Equitable 10-Minute Neighborhood
Healing social segregation
Stabilizing low-income home ownership, Shared equity housing, etc
Community participation/ Children and youth involvement
Prioritizing improvements in poor neighborhoods, barrios and favelas
Housing the homeless/preventing homelessness

For more details and to submit a proposal, please see:

New Hsinta Ecological Power Plant Construction Project Conceptual Design Competition

5 Jan 2018 registration deadline

New Hsinta Ecological Power Plant Construction Project Conceptual Design

International Competition

“Aesthetics” becomes a new dimension of the next-generation power plant.
Taiwan Power Company’s Hsinta Power Plant is looking to expand its natural gas facilities at the No. 2 plant location in Yongan District, Kaohsiung City. To ensure harmony with the surrounding historical architecture and wetland ecology of salt fields, the Company is soliciting a breakthrough ecological power plant design and landscaping program that aligns its design thinking with leading global visions.

The result of the competition will serve to inform the plant’s future design and construction.
This marks the first time Taiwan brings the conceptual design of a power plant into an international competition. Taiwan Power Company cordially invites outstanding professional teams as well as students in architecture, landscape design and spatial design from local and abroad to take part in this competition!

Winners and Awards:
1. Stage One:
Five Shortlists: NT$ 200,000 for each (Approximately US$ 6,600)
(Awarded the right to enter into Stage Two)
Five Honorable Mentions: NT$ 100,000 for each (Approximately US$ 3,300)
Ten Selected Awards: Certificate of Award
2. Stage Two:
One First Prize: NT$ 4,000,000(Approximately US$ 130,000)
One Second Prize: NT$ 2,000,000(Approximately US$ 66,000)
One Third Prize: NT$ 1,000,000(Approximately US$ 33,000)
Two Merit Awards: NT$ 500,000(Approximately US$ 16,000) for each

Qualifications for Participation:
1. Any licensed architect (or architect firm) of Taiwan (R.O.C.) or any licensed architect (or architect firm),
licensed landscape architect (or landscape architect firm) of foreign country, alone or in teams.
2. Any design-related company of Taiwan (R.O.C.) or foreign country, alone or in teams.
3. Any student recommended by design-related department of university of Taiwan (R.O.C.) or
foreign country, alone or in teams.

Registration Acceptance Period 2017/10/24 ~ 2018/01/05

Material Submission Deadline 2018/01/23
Stage One Jury Session 2018/01/25 ~ 2018/01/26
Announcement of the Shortlists 2018/01/26
Stage Two Jury Session 2018/04/26 ~ 2018/04/27
Announcement of the Winners 2018/04/27

Competition Documents Download:
Official launch on Oct. 24th, 2016
Information is for reference only. Subject to the announced tender document.

Host Organization: Taiwan Power Company, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Coordinator: Barry Cheng Architect
Tel: 886-4-2326-1799 Fax: 886-4-2326-5212 Email:


Safari Zimbabwe Architecture Competition
Safari: Zimbabwe 2017 Competition
image from architectural contest organisers
Zimbabwe Architecture Competition
Eleven has announced their latest ideas and design competition: ‘Safari: Zimbabwe 2017’. The magazine’s latest challenge calls on creatives from all around the world to design innovative concepts for a super sensory safari lodge in the heart of Matobo National Park.

Solar Decathlon Europe Architecture Competition
Solar Decathlon Europe Competition
image from architectural contest organisers
Solar Decathlon Europe Competition
The Energy Endeavour Foundation and the SDE19 Organisation are in the midst of the Call for Teams for the ultimate international university-level competition for resource-responsible and energy-efficient architecture. The next edition of the Solar Decathlon Europe will take place in the summer of 2019 in Hungary, beyond Budapest in the beautiful city of Szentendre.

Sahara Eco House Contest
Rethinking Competitions - Sahara Eco House
image from architectural contest organisers
Rethinking Competitions – Sahara Eco House Contest
This is an architecture competition where a new concept of housing must be projected that maximizes the passive systems to achieve the necessary comfort in houses in extreme climates such as deserts and in particular in the Sahara.

Archasm Amsterdam Art Bridge Architecture Contest, Netherlands – International
Archasm Amsterdam Art Bridge Architecture Competition
image from architectural contest organisers
Archasm Amsterdam Art Bridge Architecture Competition
Amsterdam, the capital of Netherlands is said to be a city with heart. The polycentric city of Amsterdam has its heart and soul lying in its ring of canals and bridges that bind the concentric and infinite loop that the city is. The city is popularly called the ‘Venice of North’, for its more than one hundred kilometers of canals, around 90 islands and about 1500 bridges.

7th Advanced Architecture Contest

7th Advanced Architecture Competition 2017
image courtesy of architects
Advanced Architecture Competition

The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia announce the 7th Advanced Architecture Contest, on the theme of RESPONSIVE CITY.

The aim of the architectural competition is to promote discussion and research through which to generate insights and visions, ideas and proposals that help us envisage what the city and the habitat of the 21st century will be like.

Camus Prague Architecture Competition


The biggest Czech bank is building its new headquarters – changing a brownfield neighbouring Prague’s historical core – supporting creation of a fresh, liveable city district – forming contemporary environment for its employees, visitors and inhabitants of Prague.

The subject of this architecture competition is an architectural proposal for the new headquarters of Česká spořitelna: Campus Prague, including its surroundings. The Announcer’s vision is to develop a building complex, in the inner city of Prague, that will go beyond the norm of a generic office building and that will represent a new model for the administrative organisation by accommodating the Announcer’s activities, as well as public services and amenities accessible to both employees and the general public. The goal is to shift the notion of contemporary office buildings: to prevent the complex becoming a “ghost city” after working hours and to conceive it as a liveable and operational part of Prague.

For all the info, visit – check if you qualify – upload your portfolio – get selected by the jury among 15 to compete anonymously with your design – make the cut among 6 best to present your project in Prague – get a commission!

Website: Camus Prague Architecture Competition

2017 Wood Design & Building Awards

2017 Wood Design & Building Awards is now open and accepting submissions for this year’s competition. The Wood Design & Building Awards is a program that recognizes excellence in wood architecture and international submissions are welcomed. Please visit the for more information on how to submit the projects.

The Wood Design Awards program will publicize the winning projects to architecture professionals and the public through press releases, a special awards section of Wood Design & Building magazine, the Wood Design & Building awards website, industry conferences/tradeshows, and a limited edition hardcover awards book (awarded Gold in the General Audience Book category for the EXCEL Awards).

Website: Wood Design & Building Awards

Architecture Competitions

Architecture Competition – Design Contest Archive


Architecture Competitions – September

Build A Retirement Community on A Shoestring Competition

21 Sep 2017 deadline

This year the organisers are keen to see clever and cost effective ‘Retirement Home/Granny Annexe’ solutions – a 40 sq m home that can be built for £40k (or less). Thirty of the homes also have to be configured as an innovative retirement community (with a max budget of £1.5m)

There is a £5,000 prize and there are a string of ‘TV celebs’ among the judges including Piers Taylor, George Clarke and Charlie Luxton.

Deadline: 21 September 2017.

A unique ideas competition, open to all, where you have to design an innovative Retirement Community of 30 homes that can be built very cost effectively.

Build A Retirement Community on A Shoestring Competition


Architecture Competitions January 2018

Arch at Zero 2017 Competition

registration deadline: Jan 10, 2018, 1:00 PM PST

submission deadline: Jan 30, 2018, 1:00 pm PST

Location: Romberg Tiburon Center for Environmental Studies (RTC), Tiburon, California, USA

Architecture at Zero is a zero net energy design competition open to students and professionals worldwide, engaging architecture, engineering, and planning students and professionals in the pursuit of energy efficient design.

Architecture at Zero 2017 Competition

This year’s architectural competition is a science education facility in Tiburon, California. Student registration is free. Register for updates.

The competition challenge is to create a zero net energy bayside community education and visitor’s center, in support of the mission of the Romberg Tiburon Center for Environmental Studies (RTC). This facility is San Francisco State University’s center for estuary and ocean science located on 53 acres of bayside property in Tiburon, California.

Architecture at Zero 2017 Competition


Design Competitions – Future

Shelter International Architectural Design Competition for Students 2017

Shelter International Architectural Design Competition for Students

In rural regions and fishing villages there still exist “commons” such as mountains, forests and water areas that are jointly managed and utilized by the local community. It could be said however, that such commons are almost nonexistent in urban areas (especially in Japan). This is because in the process of modernization, land, building, and objects were designated either under private ownership or public ownership, and a society based on systems of exchange through currency and redistribution through tax had in particular come to shape urban space.

Shelter International Architectural Design Competition for Students 2017


Home is a domain that is intimate to all of us. Beyond its everyday function as a physical shelter for people and their activities, it connects with its user on a personal and emotional level.

The modern day scenario of environmental and financial concerns along with the desire to have more freedom has led people to follow simpler and efficient ways of living. With the rapid growth of technology and smart living there lies an opportunity for efficient spaces with the feeling of homeliness and personal touch points.

Tiny House Design Competition 2017

Tiny House Design Competition

Paris Riverside Restaurant Architecture Competition

Paris and the entire country of France is world-famous for its cuisine, with a non-exhaustive list of delicacies and culinary systems. The culinary reputation of Paris is very rich, cultured and diverse. French food culture, according to UNESCO, is important for ‘bringing people together to enjoy the art of good eating and drinking’ and the power to create ‘togetherness, the pleasure of taste, and the balance between human beings and the products of nature’.

Paris Riverside Restaurant Architecture Competition

COSTA DEL SPRAWL Ideas Competition, Spain

For a second year the Costa del Sprawl ideas competition seeks creative solutions to improve the social, urban, and architectural situation in some of Costa del Sol’s sprawling neighbourhoods. This year’s competition is focused on the theme of ‘identity’ and invites participants to imagine a piece of architecture, whether building or space, which could be adopted as a model of contemporary vernacular architecture specific to the area of Riviera del Sol, and act as a precedent for the future planning and development of the neighbourhood.

COSTA DEL SPRAWL Ideas Competition 2017

Andalucía contains an exciting variety of vernacular and contextual architecture which has grown throughout its tumultuous history and within its diverse landscapes. From the labyrinthine streets of medieval fishing towns and gleaming white walls of hillside villages, to palatial citadels and capitals of once mighty empires, the architecture of Andalucía tells a compelling story and creates a strong sense of place and identity.

This sense of identity and reflection of context has all but vanished from contemporary architecture in Andalucía, and this is most notable in the sprawling neighbourhoods of the Costa del Sol which communicate little more than the capitalist speculation which lead to their existence. Nonetheless, this condition now forms a part of the area’s history and provides the point of departure for any future architectural, urban or planning projects.

COSTA DEL SPRAWL Ideas Competition

Jacques Rougerie Foundation – International competition in architecture

Each year the Jacques Rougerie Foundation launch an international competition in architecture desined for architects, engineers, designers, wishing to propose new, innovative solutions according to their 3 main themes : les ans, nous lançons un concours international d’architecture gratuit destiné aux architectes, ingénieurs, designers qui désirent proposer des solutions innovantes selon nos trois thématiques générales:

• “Innovation and architecture for the sea” awards – Louis Vicat
• “Innovation and architecture for space” awards
• “Architecture & Sea level rise” awards

This year, the 3 themes are divided into 6 categories:

• “Innovation and architecture for the sea” awards – Louis Vicat
o Grand Prix: € 7500 (Seven thousand five hundred euros)
o Focus: “Ports of the future” – € 2500 (Two thousand five hundred euros)
• “Innovation and architecture for space” awards
o Grand Prix: € 7500 (Seven thousand five hundred euros)
o Focus: “Solar power satellites” – € 2500 (Two thousand five hundred euros)
• “Architecture & sea level rise” awards
o Grand Prix: € 7500 (Seven thousand five hundred euros)
o Focus: “The African coastline” – € 2500 (Two thousand five hundred euros)

Jacques Rougerie Foundation Architecture Competition

Rethinking The Future Awards 2017

Global Architecture & Design Awards: 35 Categories | 105 Awards | 249 Nations

Rethinking The Future Awards 2017

RTF Awards 2017 are a global architecture awards event with 35 categories and 15 esteemed judges across the globe. It’s your chance to be distinguished around the Best in the profession.

There are three Winners in Each Category Event. Also depending on the Jury’s Decision, Some projects will receive Honorable Mentions. Last year, there were about 5-6 Honorable Mentions in each Category.

Rethinking The Future Awards

Fentress Global Student Architecture Challenge: Design the Airport of 2075

6th edition invites students to re-envision the terminal building in the year 2075

Fentress Architects, based in Denver, Colorado, announces the 2017 Fentress Global Challenge, an international design competition for young and student architects. As in years past, the theme, consistent with the firm’s expertise in airport design and aviation, is envisioning an airport of the future.

Participants are encouraged to re-envision the terminal building in the year 2075 using one of 10 existing international airports, taking into consideration local context, technological trends, and project feasibility and passenger experience.

Fentress Global Student Architecture Challenge

Fentress Global Student Architecture Challenge

Moscow Urban Landscaping and Design Competition

The Open International Urban Landscaping and Design Competition will be held in Moscow

The Open International Urban Landscaping and Design Competition is a part of the “Moscow.Flowers.Sweets” Festival. Participants are offered to suggest solutions for landscape and floral compositions to improve Moscow urban spaces in the city centre and its outskirts.

The competition is organized with support of the Government of the City of Moscow and monitored by The Agency for Strategic Development Center.

Moscow Urban Landscaping and Design Competition

Moscow Urban Landscaping and Design Competition

The Black Taj : An incomplete memory of Mughal Empire

Design contest website:

Volume Zero Competition

Design contest website:

Shopping Mall Competition

The mall should have 15.000 sqm. with approximately 100 shops, cinemas and a large auditorium for 1500 peoples.

Top Hill Mall

Student Competition: Urban SOS: hOUR City

Presented by AECOM and Van Alen Institute, with 100 Resilient Cities — Pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation, hOUR City is this year’s Urban SOS™ student ideas competition. We’re asking students to propose new solutions to tackle housing, transportation, or economic development challenges and to re-imagine what a future “hour city” boundary can be.

Urban SOS 2017: hOUR City Competition

Visit the official Urban SOS: hOUR City website.

Footbridge Holešovice – Karlín International Design Competition, Czech Republic

The Capital City of Prague has announced The Footbridge Holešovice – Karlín International Design Competition

Footbridge Holešovice - Karlín International Design Competition

Footbridge Holešovice – Karlín Architecture Competition

The Footbridge Holešovice – Karlín International Design Competition should bring an architectural and structural design proposal for a pedestrian bridge across the Vltava River. This bridge will connect the riverbanks of Karlín, Holešovice and the Štvanice Island. Up to this day the Prague districts Karlín and Holešovice suffer from the lack of good pedestrian and cycling connection.

Competition Website:
Footbridge Holešovice – Karlín International Design Competition

24H Competition

24H Architecture Competition

Structures of Freedom Architectural Competition, Budapest, Hungary

Structures of Freedom Competition for Sziget Festival

Archtalent, an online architecture platform for Architects, in collaboration with Sziget, one of the largest music and cultural festivals in Europe, make an international call to design a temporary structure within the particular context of a music festival in the city of Budapest in Hungary.

The aim is to use the current model of architectural competition to develop a new contest in terms of format and scope, which should be an opportunity to all emerging talent anywhere in the world to boost their potential in a real competition, and showcase their built project to an audience of thousand of people.

Structures of Freedom Architecture Competition

Tuscan Architectural Award, Tuscany, Italy

Architecture, Tuscany launches a challenge to contemporary architecture by means of the 1st Regional Award. This Architectural Award is organised by the Regional Council for Tuscany, Florence and Pisa Orders of Architects and the National Building Contractors’ Association (ANCE) to promote architectural excellence and its culture.

Tuscan Architectural Award

Tuscan Architecture Competition in 2017

International Space Design Award—Idea-Tops

International Space Design Award—Idea-Tops, supported by related government departments, is “the most internationalized and influential design award in China”. It aims to create the most thoughtful and influential space design award, discover and praise the best designers and design works around the world.

International Space Design Award—Idea-Tops 2017 logo

It attracts designers and architects from 35 countries or regions, such as USA, UK, France, Italy, Germany, etc. In 2016, we had 6020 entries, including 14 works from the Venice Architecture Biennale; and in 2015, we had 5682 entries, including 11 national pavilions from the Milan Expo 2015.

International Space Design Award—Idea-Tops

HUMAN TRAFFICKING – Tenancingo Square Mediascape competition

Architectural research initiative arch out loud are hosting a competition addressing human trafficking and calling on designers to reimagine the square of Tenancingo Municipality, Mexico where this issue is prevalent.

Tenancingo Square Mediascape Competition

Tenancingo Square Mediascape architecture competition

This architecture competition can be found at this link:

Amphibious Habitats Competition

Amphibious Habitats Competition

This spring, LOBBY is calling for unique, inventive architectural proposals as we excitedly announce the launch of our first international design competition: ‘Amphibious Habitats’.

Amphibious Habitats Architecture Competition 2017

Call to ceramicists to produce bespoke and highly crafted ceramic building components


Bring your unique ceramic skills to a collaborative project for an exhibition organised by ECAlab at the RIBA North

Category: Exhibitions and Collaborations

We are looking to collaborate with ceramicists, ceramic artists, and studio potters in the development of an exciting new exhibition, Moulding Futures, which will be held at the RIBA North during September-December 2017.

We are seeking individuals with a proven track record of delivering bespoke and highly crafted ceramic pieces, showing a strong personal signature style, to offer their creative proposals to a design challenge.

Liverpool Architecture News



Blueprint Competition, Genoa, Italy


Two months after the presentation in Genoa, there is great interest in Blueprint Competition, an international ideas competition for the redevelopment of areas of the former Trade Fair site owned by the City of Genoa and SPIM – the company for valorizing the City’s real estate holdings.

From the design by architects Renzo Piano Building Workshop to a project for the Genoa waterfront capable of attracting the interest of international investors.

Blueprint Architecture Competition

Seoul Animation Center Competition, Korea

Seoul Animation Center Competition

The Seoul Metropolitan Government announces a call for entry as below for the design competition aimed to construct a new Seoul Animation Center.

Seoul Animation Center Architecture Competition

Architecture Competitions : Recent Design Contests Archive

London Architecture Competitions

Major Architecture Awards

Stirling Prize

Pritzker Prize

World Architecture Festival Awards

Recent Architecture Competitions

Space for Social Actualization – ideas competition, Calgary, Canada
HUC Architecture Competition
August 1, 2014 – Early Bird Registration* Deadline ($25 CAD)
August 28, 2014 – Registration* Deadline ($50 CAD)
August 31, 2014 – Submission Deadline (midnight MDT)

Hillhurst United Church (HUC) in Calgary, Canada invites designers to develop an exceptional and inspiring concept for a new space to promote social actualization.

The concept of social actualization reflects a move from a focus on personal development toward the development of the collective. It suggests a process of sharing and co-learning where the results promote a community of people to reach its full potential. What would a space look like that fosters a process of social actualization?

Hillhurst United Church (HUC) is a flourishing inner-city community. It embraces the potential and the challenges of its community through its core values: spirituality, social justice and radical hospitality.

Designers are asked to articulate a highly creative solution through a new form and program for a space (adjacent to the existing church) with the aspiration to be an inviting community hub for social innovation and spiritual growth. The idea is to engage and channel the energy of the congregation and citizens in the neighbourhood toward future-focused ideas and be a dynamic home base for HUC’s flourishing community. We envision a space where individuals of different beliefs who share our values can collaborate and innovate; an incubator for ideas.

Competitors must be students or recent graduates of architecture or a related discipline
(up to five years).

First Place – $2000 CAD
Second Place – $1000 CAD
Third Place – $500 CAD
Selected entries may be published online or during an exhibition of the ideas competition. There is a possibility that the ideas generated may be used towards a future built project.
Hillhurst United Church Ideas Competition

Green Line Ideas Competition, Toronto, Canada
“Or how to bury the imagination”
Green Line Ideas Competition (Underpass Solutions)

Green Line Ideas Competition

“If it is useless to hold a competition when there are no beliefs in the virtues of emulation and collective judgment, it is, above all, futile to hold an ideas competition when one fears the surprises of imagination and experimentation. The first part of the Green Line ideas competition (Toronto, 2012), presented in the most recent update of the Canadian Competitions Catalogue, proposed an ideation exercise aiming to generate public debate. However it is harder to understand the relevance of the second part, entitled “Underpass Solutions”, which required designers to stick to “realistic and feasible ideas”.
Jean-Pierre Chupin
more at

Urban SOS: Towards a New Industry
2014 International Architecture Student Competition
AECOM is seeking submissions to their fifth student competition. The theme this year is Urban SOS: Towards a New Industry. They are seeking integrated design, planning, environmental and engineering proposals in any urban context that relates to and improves the relationship between industry and urban development worldwide. For complete details, terms and conditions, please download the brief. If you are familiar with the brief and are ready to enter the architecture competition, please pre-register and upload your submission.

An internal jury of AECOM practitioners will select three semi-finalist teams, who will then be flown to New York City in the first week of September to present their schemes to a prestigious jury at the Center for Architecture. They will compete for US$15,000 in cash prize money. One winning team will be selected. The partner group of the winning design will receive an AECOM donation of up to US$25,000 of cash and in-kind staff time to further develop and implement the project.

Here’s a link to the architecture competition brief, which includes the program and all the terms and conditions.

RTS Campus Competition, Switzerland
RTS Competition Switzerland 1

Swiss Radio and Television Site Contest

The Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS) is planning the construction of a new multimedia site next to the campus of the federal polytechnical school of Lausanne (EPFL) and the university of Lausanne (UNIL).
The new building should embody innovation and awareness in new trends, in new behavior of the public, in mixing of cultures, ideas and opinions as well as new technologies.
In association with the Swiss Company of Broadcasting (SRGSSR), the RTS organizes a parallel development study to one degree in selective procedure.

YAC Wine Culture Centre Competition
YAC Wine Culture Centre Competition 1
YAC Architecture Competition
Italian Architecture Contest – organised by Young Architects Competitions (YAC)

Mankind has developed through the centuries precious traditions and knowledge concerning the art of fermentation. The issue of fermenting grapes, malt, rice or barley has generated a quest for experience, knowledge, tradition, aesthetics, taste and pleasure.

Cantina Valpolicella Negrar (Verona) was funded in 1933 in one of the world’s most prolific regions for viticulture. The winery, under the trademark Domini Veneti®, is located among the worldwide top labels, excelling in producing classical wines such as Valpolicella, Recioto, Ripasso and Amarone.

What kind of architecture can be proposed in order to host and promote a culture related to one of the most ancient but most contemporary human activities?

This is the challenge YAC offers the designers, proposing to transform Valpolicella’s old winery into an architectural manifesto – carrier of quality. A place for culture, training and tasting, a facility open to those novices or experts who will to approach one of the most fascinating human expressions: wine.

15.000 €

1 tavola A1

architects, designers, students, graduates, postgraduates, professionals.

24 March 2014

30 June 2014

Nicola Scaranaro; FOSTER+PARTNERS
Alfonso Femia; 5+1 AA
Markus Scherer; Markus Scherer Architekt
Antonio Ravalli; Antonio Ravalli Architetti
Fiorenzo Valbonesi; ASV3

For further information:

Space Forward: Ideas Competition
The Lightstone Group Architecture Contest – 1407 Broadway, NYC, USA
New York Architecture Competition
$14,000 goes to jury prize winner with $3,000 prize for 3 runners-up
1407 Broadway, a premier building in Times Square South undergoing a dramatic transformation with extensive building renovations and an image repositioning, has launched a contest inviting designers to create the ideal work environment – with the winner receiving $14,000.
The Lightstone Group, owners of the building, and its branding partner CO OP, launched the competition to foster an environment that sparks creativity and collaboration through the building’s new office spaces, amenities and creative tenant mix.

Reanimate The Ruins Architecture Competition
Parallel Projections Architecture Competition
This new design contest by Parallel Projections, proposes the creation of secondary urban nodes with mixed-use, medium density development and public transportation to link each node, collectively pointing back toward the city center. Specifically, they are focusing on the Packard Motor Plant in Detroit, Michigan, USA.
Reanimate The Ruins Architecture Competition
You can find more details, including a tentative time-frame on their website: We aim to post more details shortly.

Moriyama RAIC International Prize
Raymond Moriyama 1
Canadian Architecture Prize
The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC) Foundation announces the launch of one of the largest architectural prizes in the world — the Moriyama RAIC International Prize.
Distinguished Canadian architect Raymond Moriyama established the prize together with the Foundation. To be awarded every two years, the prize consists of CAD $100,000 and a sculpture designed by Canadian designer Wei Yew.
“My hope is that this prize will raise not only the stature of the RAIC internationally, but also the stature of Canada, and inspire Canadians and Canadian architects to aspire higher,” says Moriyama, 84.

UIA-HYP Cup 2014
UIA-HYP Cup 2014
International Student Competition
2014 marks the third edition of UIA-HYP Cup International Student Competition in Architectural Design. As the exclusive annual international student competition in Mainland China sponsored by UIA (Union International des Architects), HYP Cup competition has provided a platform for architectural schools and students from different countries to exchange ideas on current architecture issues in relation to environment, specific sites, and urban spaces.

With its challenging topics, professional committee and jury as well as thorough organizing, HYP Cup competition has attracted students from all different countries to actively participate, and become one of the largest and most professional student competitions. Its influence and outreach has raised significantly throughout the globe.

SuperSkyScrapers Architecture Contest
Elevator Annual 2014 Competition
Elevator Annual 2014 : “A Unique Vertical Experience”
SuperSkyScrapers Architecture Competition
The program challenges participants to design or present an Elevator concept that takes into account today’s need for a unique vertical transportation experience with the added expectation of spectacular views during the ascend to higher floors or planes.

Beijing Cityvision Competition 2014
Beijing Cityvision Competition 2014
Evolution: the architecture of future mankind
Beijing Cityvision Competition is the sixth international competition launched by Cityvision and it’s part of the annual programme 2014, Evolution: the architecture of future mankind.

The purpose of the architecture competition is to provide a future vision of Beijing perceived as a Supercity (a unique one) that will absorb the best features from other cities (Satellites), assuming them as her own, and then reinvent itself in the form of a new – and unparalleled – model.

At the same time the architecture competition goal is to imagine who will inhabit this Supercity and how will the evolution of its future inhabitants take place.

Liget Budapest Masterplan Competition
Liget Budapest Project
image from architects
Liget Budapest Architectural Competition
Registration began for the Liget Budapest International Architectural Design Competition on 27 Feb 2014. A summary of the competition and its set of rules are available for all those interested on the official homepage of the open, free, international, two-round, anonymous competition announced after a successfully completed ideas competition for the location of the Museum Quarter buildings with a record number of submitted projects, three years of preparatory work and agreements conducted with national architectural and museum organisations; supplementary materials to the individual competitions are available upon registration.

International Urban Design Ideas Competition Bucharest, Romania
The Association Ivan Patzaichin – Mila 23 launches the international design competition Eco-Archipelago: Temporary Outdoor Urban Objects for Eco-design and Eco-tourism Destinations.
Designers, architects, artists and interdisciplinary teams around the world are invited to promote in an innovative way eight destinations from the Danube Delta, Romania: Crisan, Chilia Veche, Periprava, Letea, Mila 23, Cararoman, Sf. Gheorghe, Sulina. All entries in the contest will be dedicated to one of the eight destinations, the most important landmarks of Danube Delta biosphere.
The architectural proposals, in the form of floating islands, will be exhibited in the summer of 2014 in Bucharest on the Dâmbovița River, between the Romanian National Library and the Unirii Bridge.
Call for proposals:

International Open Call ‘Berlin Unlimited’
Berlin Unlimited architecture competition
image from design contest organisers
Berlin Unlimited, initiated by Urban Transcripts, realized by CollageLab + Guerilla Architects, is surrounding the questions of “Berlin at its limits” through art, architecture and urban related events.

Only 25 years after the fall of the wall and the end of the “concrete division” (Willy Brandt, 10.09.1989), the city of Berlin still passes through the progress of re-definition and growth – a complex urban and political process, between the renewal of its own image as the “creative capital” and the establishing corporatism.
The exhibition “Berlin Unlimited” is about to explore the contradiction of urban realities – between matters of individual freedom and urban constraint. By means of art and creative media, architecture and urban design, theory and research “Berlin Unlimited” aims to reveal an interdisciplinary narrative about the city and to display a critical view on former limits, todays limitations and tomorrows possible new divisions.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a series of public events: Through discussions in between different invited professionals and nominated artists/participants we want to open up a broader public field for urban related discussions around the opportunities and problems Berlin is facing. Furthermore the exhibition comes along with a program of unlimited events such as film screenings, guided tours, intensive workshops, urban talks and a publication.

EUR Rome Design Contest
Esposizione Universale di Roma Competition, Italy
EUR Competition
picture from competition organisers
EUR Architecture Competition
The creation of the EUR was a huge, 1930s urban regeneration project, spearheaded by Mussolini, Italy’s controversial prime minister and self-titled Il Duce (meaning “the Leader”), who intended to showcase the area at the 1942 World’s Fair to celebrate 20 years of fascist Italy. However, the World’s Fair was abandoned at the onset of World War II, and, subsequently, Mussolini’s ambitious EUR project was left incomplete.

Shape the Future of Black Architecture Competition
Shape the Future of Black Competition
Shape the Future of Black Architecture Competition
The DuPont™ Corian® business has launched an international design award, called “Shape The Future Of Black”, across the Europe, Middle East and Africa region. The award is open to professionals and students in the fields of architecture, furnishing, interior design, industrial design, general design, decorative arts, engineering and similar disciplines.

The Bloomsbury Association Prize, London, UK
The Bloomsbury Association, in partnership with Wainbridge Ltd, New London Architecture and Store, is pleased to introduce the inaugural Bloomsbury Association Prize.

The Bloomsbury Association Prize is an annual design competition which invites entrants to challenge and re-imagine the nature and use of one of Bloomsbury’s celebrated buildings or spaces. This year The Bloomsbury Association Prize invites visionary proposals which re-imagine the iconic Eisenhower Centre, a former deep-level shelter on Chenies Street.
Twenty chosen finalists will have their work exhibited at The Store Gallery. The winning entry, as chosen by our panel of judges, will receive a prize of £1,000, with a £250 prize for the the runner up.

Baltic thermal Pool Park Architecture Competition
International architecture vision competition organisers Homemade Dessert announce a new architecture vision competition in Latvia:
Baltic thermal Pool Park Architecture Competition
Homemade Dessert in cooperation with Liepaja City Council, Latvia ask you to present the vision for a new development that would consist of thermal pool park with outdoor and indoor SPA facilities.
Efforts to restore Liepaja as a resort city have been revived in the new millennium. The wide beaches here attract visitors seeking recreation in the waterside cafés and bars, and nature lovers seeking peace on the coast. The unique natural healing resources available here call for the development of a new resort and health tourism amenities. Liepāja is the 3rd largest city in Latvia and 10th largest one in the Baltic States.

New Berlin Natural Science Museum Competition, Germany
New Berlin Natural Science Museum Competition
picture from competition organisers
New Berlin Natural Science Museum Architecture Competition
Almost no other metropolis has experienced such frequent, radical change transforming the face of the city. Although Berlin saw steady growth in its importance, dazzling epochs alternated with darker eras. Nevertheless, the formerly divided city has succeeded in becoming a vibrant metropolis in the heart of Europe.

Hotel Ukraina Competition, Moscow, Russia
Hotel Ukraina Architecture Competition
Hotel Ukraina Moscow Design Contest
Hotel Ukraina Architecture Competition
The OAO HOTEL UKRAINA, with the support of the non-state educational institution Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design, are pleased to announce the opening of a competition for the redesign of the entryway to this cultural heritage site of regional significance. This two-stage architecture competition, lasting from 17th September 2013 to 25th February 2014, gives architects from all over the world the rare chance to work with an example of Moscow’s unique Stalinist architectural heritage.

Architecture Competitions – Recent Additions

International Financial Center in Russia Competition, Rublyovo-Arkhangelskoye, Russia
Russia Masterplan Architecture Competition
Two-stage open international competition for the development of the masterplan of the International Financial Centre in Rublyovo-Arkhangelskoye. The competition is held by CJSC Rublyovo-Arkhangelskoye, part of the CJSC Sberbank Russia group of companies, and is supported by Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design.

Russia Theme Park Architecture Contest
Russia Theme Park Architecture Contest
“Russia” Theme Park is the first entertainment and educational park where visitors will have the reason to stay for more than one-two days. All existing theme and amusement parks are focused on one-day visit and are not designed for users who want to spend more than a week. The aim of this architecture competition is to change the concept of the theme parks.

Project of the Year and the Emilio Ambasz Award for Green Architecture 2013, Israel
An initiative of AI and the EU, the competition is open to architects, designers, landscape architects, researchers and students, who are invited to submit work designed or written since 2009.
Emilio Ambasz Prize

First Architecture Competition Grañen, Spain
Architecture Competition Villa Grañen:
Rehabilitation of Municipal Building for Public Space of Art and Sound.
The purpose of this architecture competition is to gather ideas for a public space to host activities related with the plastic art and music, by fostering an environment of creation, education and the relationship between users.
It aims to encourage innovative proposals in terms of space and their integration in Grañén.
1st: € 2.500 EUROS + other benefits
2nd: € 1.000 EUROS + other benefits
3rd: € 500 EUROS + other benefits

More architectural contests are welcome – please mail info(at) for details

eVolo Skyscraper Design Competition
VeVolo Skyscraper Architecture Competition
image from design contest organisers
eVolo Skyscraper Architecture Competitions

A101 Urban Block Competition, Russia
A101 Urban Block Contest
image from design contest organisers
A101 Urban Block competition

Competition for the design of an existing building, Wimbledon, London, UK

Wimbledon architecture competition London

The property is a purpose built block of flats on a residential road in Wimbledon. We want to upgrade the front façade and are looking for new and innovative ways of doing that are still in keeping with a residential block of flats in London. So put your best ideas forward and the winning design will receive £200 in cash.

Wimbledon building facade London

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