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page updated 18 Aug 2016

Vasconi Associes – Key Projects

Featured Buildings by this Parisian architecture studio, alphabetical:

Medien-Hafen Buildings, Düsseldorf, Germany
Date built:
Design: by Frank Gehry, Steven Holl, Ingenhoven Overdiek, Claude Vasconi, David Chipperfield Architects; buildings coming soon by JSK, Jo Coenen, Fumihiko Maki
MedienHafen is described thus, “In contrast to other cities, when modernising its harbour, Düsseldorf didn’t just attempt to wipe the slate clean, but decided to treat each lot individually and adapt it to its future users. Which meant that its docklands weren’t forced into a uniform corset. Instead such internationally famous architects as Frank O. Gehry, David Chipperfield, Joe Coenen, Steven Holl and Claude Vasconi were given an empty canvas to make their creative contribution to the skyline.”

Le 57 Métal, Renault site, Boulogne-Billancourt, Paris, France
Date built: –
aka Metal 57
renovation of the 57 metal Building – the former Renault factory designed by Claude Vasconi will be renovated by Parisian architects office Dominique Perrault Architecture (DPA) in association with BNP Paribas Real Estate.

Sludge Treatment Facility, Hong Kong – design contest win
An international architecture competition winner for the construction of one of the biggest Sludge Treatment Facilities in the world, next to Tuen Mun.

More architecture projects by Claude Vasconi Architects online soon

Location:58 Rue Monsieur, 75006 Paris, France