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Aarhus Architecture News

Aarhus Architecture News, chronological:

4 Aug 2017
Pop-up Train Carriages in Aarhus
Design: AART Architects
Pop-up Train Carriages in Aarhus by AART Architects
image from architecture studio

Pop-up Train Carriages in Aarhus
With the ambition of injecting renewed life into the area, they have exposed the old railways and designed pop-up train carriages, which will provide the setting for a wide array of activities for the remainder of 2017, ranging from a single-room hotel, to a public greenhouse and boutiques for lifestyle brands and even polling booths.

4 Aug 2017
Nicolinehus Aarhus Ø
Design: AART Architects
Nicolinehus Aarhus Ø buildings by AART
image from architect

Nicolinehus Aarhus Ø
This is a new mixed-use development in the heart of Aarhus Ø – shaped by the pulse of the city centre and merging with life on the waterfront. The aim is to inject life and authenticity into the new harbour district and to pave the way for the unique opportunities the setting provides – out there where the city encounters the bay.

Aarhus Building – Recent Designs

Aarhus Library
Design: schmidt hammer lassen architects
Aarhus Library Building
image from architect

Aarhus Library – 20 Sep 2012
schmidt hammer lassen architects and the City of Aarhus have been selected to receive a Best Collaboration Award 2012 for their extensive cooperation in creating the largest public library in Scandinavia: Urban Mediaspace. The Best Collaboration Award, an EU-initiative, rewards the best examples of collaboration between partners from the creative industries sector and local governments in the North Sea Region of the European Union.

Aarhus Housing
Aarhus Housing
image from architect
Aarhus Housing – 21 Aug 2012
The topping out celebration of Isbjerget (Iceberg) has taken place at its spectacular waterfront location. The building is a collaboration between SeARCH, CEBRA, JDS and Louis Paillard. To achieve optimal views from the apartments to the sea, the building has been cut in a crisscross manner, taking its inspiration from floating icebergs in constant motion. The sloping rooftops emphasize views and bring in natural daylight while providing stunning views out in several directions.

16 Nov 2011
Vestas Wind Systems Offices
Design: Arkitema
Vestas Aarhus
photograph : Jesper Balleby

Vestas Offices Aarhus
The new office facilities for global wind turbine company Vestas have just been completed by Arkitema. The building has been designed by Arkitema Architects and will be first building in Northern Europe to obtain the exclusive LEED certification category platinum. Only approximately 150 commercial buildings in the world have obtained the American LEED certificate in the platinum category.

Aarhus Building – Recent Designs

Aarhus Harbour Buildings
Aarhus Harbour Buildings
image from architects

Aarhus Harbour Buildings – 9 Nov 2011
Common greenhouses on the roof tops, adjacent terraces overlooking the bay of Aarhus, and a sheltered green courtyard – all in close proximity to downtown Aarhus. This is the essence of Brabrand Housing Association’s new residential complex that breaks with both the port’s massive scale, and present iconic building tendencies. The project is expected to be completed for inauguration in December 2013.

Campus Aarhus N, VIA University College
schmidt hammer lassen architects
Campus Aarhus N
image from architect

Campus Aarhus N – 11 Oct 2011
Campus Aarhus N, the latest campus of VIA University College in Denmark, is officially opened by Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary on October 11th 2011. The approx 27,000 m2 building, designed by schmidt hammer lassen architects, unifies VIA’s healthcare educations previously located different places in Aarhus. The new campus building offers facilities for the six fields of study that support knowledge sharing and synergy between the educations.

Moesgård Museum Extension Building
Henning Larsen Architects
Moesgård Museum Building
image from architects

Moesgård Museum Århus
The interior of the Moesgård Museum Extension building is designed like a varied terraced landscape inspired by archaeological excavations gradually unearthing the layers of history and exposing lost cities. The visitor can move through a vivid sequence of exhibitions and scientific experiments – like a traveller in time and space.

Aarhus Architecture

Photos © Adrian Welch / Isabelle Lomholt

Nye Butikker, Søndergade : new shops on the main shopping street
Nye Butikker Aarhus Aarhus Butikker Aarhus Søndergade

Århus Rådhus – The Town Hall, Key building in Aarhus : Arne Jacobsen
Aarhus Town Hall

ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum : schmidt hammer lassen
ARoS Aarhus

Aarhus Concert Hall Extension : Arkitektfirmaet C. F. Møller A/S
Aarhus Concert Hall

Aarhus University buildings : Arkitektfirmaet C. F. Møller A/S
rhus University buildings

Århus Arkitektskolen, Nørreport – Aarhus School of Architecture
Århus Arkitektskolen

Skoleforvaltningen, Rådhuspladsen
Skoleforvaltningen Skoleforvaltningen Aarhus Skoleforvaltningen Århus

Famous sculpture in front of the Town Hall
Town Hall sculpture Århus Town Hall sculpture

Ridehuset – Equestrian building

Tinghuset – Courthouse buildings
Tinghuset Courthouse buildings Courthouse

Tinghuset – Courthouse
Tinghuset Tinghuset Tinghuset

Freemasons’ Building, exhibits power
Freemasons' Building

Aarhus Kunst Bygning – Aarhus Art Building
Aarhus Kunst Bygning Aarhus Art Building

The river runs through the heart of the town
Aarhus river Aarhus river

Hoved Bibliotek – Aarhus Library
Hoved Bibliotek Aarhus Aarhus Library

Aarhus Huset


Vor Frue Kirke, Vester Gade
Vor Frue Kirke Aarhus Aarhus Vor Frue Kirke Vor Frue Kirke Vester Gade Aarhus

Mural, Vester Gade
Mural Vester Gade

Magasin – Shopping Centre
Magasin Shopping Centre Aarhus Magasin Aarhus Shopping Centre

Flats and shops, Nørreport
Aarhus Nørreport Nørreport Nørreport Nørreport Aarhus

Hovedbanegården – Main Train Station
Aarhus Hovedbanegården

Posthus – Post Office
Aarhus Posthus Post Office Posthus Aarhus

Bruuns Galleri – Bruuns Gallery
Aarhus Bruuns Galleri Aarhus Bruuns Gallery Bruuns Galleri Aarhus Bruuns Gallery Aarhus

Banegårdspladsen Aarhus Aarhus Banegårdspladsen Banegårdspladsen Banegårdspladsen

General Views of the town:
Aarhus town Aarhus town

Aarhus Domkirke, Store Torv
Aarhus Domkirke

Skulptur, Store Torv – Sculpture
Store Torv Aarhus Store Torv

Aarhus Teater, Teatergaden
Aarhus Teater


Aarhus Aa under St Clemens Torv – Aarhus River
Aarhus Aa

St Clemens Torv
St Clemens Torv St Clemens Torv Aarhus Aarhus St Clemens Torv

Butikker, Søndergade – Shops on Aarhus main pedestrian street
Aarhus Butikker Butikker Søndergade Shops Aarhus

Aarhus Shops Aarhus Stores

Salling Aarhus

Modern building just off south end of Søndergade
Modern Aarhus building Aarhus Modern building

Art Deco building on Søndergad
Aarhus Art Deco building Art Deco building Aarhus Aarhus Art Deco Aarhus Art Deco

Sculpture at south end of Søndergade and modern buildings
Søndergade Søndergade Søndergade Søndergade

To see all listed projects on a single map please follow this link.

Aarhus Architecture – Selection

Århus Harbour Tower – docklands building + Aarhus Harbour Information
Århus Harbour Tower
Aarhus Harbour, 2022, UN Studio

Aarhus Concert Hall
Aarhus Concert Hall
image from architect

Aarhus Masterplan
Aarhus Masterplan
image : NORD Architects /MIR

Aarhus Tower
Aarhus Tower
image from architect

Europahuset Århus
Europahuset Århus
image from architect

Aarhus New University Hospital
Aarhus New University Hospital
image from architect

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