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Århus River : Bygning, Jylland, Danmark

Jutland City Images, Jul 2008 by Isabelle Lomholt / Adrian Welch

Aarhus Aa under St Clemens Torv

Aarhus River

Aarhus Aa under St Clemens Torv

The Aarhus (Danish: Aarhus Å) is a 40-kilometre (25 miles) long river or stream, in eastern Jutland, Denmark.

It flows through the large river valley of the Aarhus Ådal. The valley itself stretches from Silkeborg to the coastal city of Aarhus, but the river runs only through the easternmost parts.

Århus Aa Aarhus Aa Bygning Århus River Aarhus River Building Aarhus River Buildings
photos © Adrian Welch

The river drains a basin of 324 square kilometres (125 sq mi) in the eastern part of Søhøjlandet and discharges into the Bay of Aarhus which is an embayment of the Kattegat. It originates 54 metres (177 ft) above sea level in the swampy bogland of Astrup Mose close to Stilling-Solbjerg Lake, southwest of the city of Aarhus (56°6′ northern latitude, 10°9′ eastern longitude) and exits into Aarhus Harbour at 56°9′ northern latitude, 10°13′ eastern longitude. The river defines the border between Skanderborg and Aarhus Municipality during its first few kilometres. source: wikipedia

Location:Åboulevarden, Aarhus, Jylland, Danmark

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Århus Rådhus – The Town Hall, Key building in Aarhus : Arne Jacobsen
Århus Rådhus
photo © Adrian Welch

ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum : schmidt hammer lassen
ARoS Aarhus
photo © Adrian Welch

Aarhus Concert Hall Extension : Arkitektfirmaet C. F. Møller A/S
Aarhus Concert Hall
photo © AW

Aarhus University buildings : Arkitektfirmaet C. F. Møller A/S
Aarhus University buildings
photo © AW

Århus Arkitektskolen, Nørreport – Aarhus School of Architecture
Århus Arkitektskolen
photo © AJW

Århus Harbour Tower – docklands building
Århus Harbour Tower
Aarhus Harbour, 2022, UN Studio