Abode, Great Kneighton by Proctor and Matthews

RIBA News, London

Royal Institute of British Architects news – RIBA President Jane Duncan acts to assure UK based architects she has their back as the Government triggers Article 50.

Brom Building, Neot Hovav, Israel

Brom Building, Neot Hovav, Israel

Design: Miron Sorin, from Miron Sorin Architects

The harsh desert climate environment and the industrial neighborhood imposed limited openings size and acoustic design for the upper floors. The lobby has wide, shaded structural glazing walls.

Bushaltestelle Kehl Deutschland

Bus and Tram Infrastructure, Kehl, Germany

As part of the new transnational tram line crossing the Rhine river from Strasbourg, France into Kehl, Germany, J.MAYER.H designed bus and tram stops in Kehl as sculptural compositions based on organic shaped discs.

Geffrye Museum Building London

Geffrye Museum ‘Unlocking the Geffrye’

Geffrye Museum funding news – proposals by Wright & Wright Architects receives £12.3million National Lottery grant. The architects “have a strong record of award-winning work with heritage buildings, sensitive sites and complex problems.”

Architect Annabelle Selldorf

Dallas Architecture Forum Events

Lecture at the Dallas Museum of Art by US architect Annabelle Selldorf, FAIA, Founding Principal of Selldorf Architects, an internationally acclaimed New York-based architecture firm.

Walden House, Edwards, Connecticut, USA by Selldorf Architects

Selldorf Architects, New York

Selldorf Architects news – Lecture at Dallas Architecture Forum from leader of this 65-person architectural design practice founded by Annabelle Selldorf in New York City in 1988.