Mahmud Gabadu Mosque

Mahmud Qabadu Mosque in Djedeida

Design: Philippe Barriere Collective (PB+Co). This mosque has been designed to be a religious and urban landmark playing a key role within the rural community. The privileged setting signifies unity and centrality, reflecting the role played by Islam in everyday life.

Colline aux Oliviers

Colline aux Oliviers in Tunis

Design: Philippe Barriere Collective (PB+Co). This semi-rural/semi-urban new alternative Social Housing development is located in the governorate of Manouba on a hill near the Medjerda river on the South West edge of Jedeida city limits.

Revolution Tower Tunisia 3

Revolution Tower, Tunisia

Design: Philippe Barriere Collective (PB+Co). The project includes the redesign of the Square of 14 Janvier and construction of the World Social Center (WSC) Tower. This project reflects the political will to express the ideological and social changes brought about by the Tunisian revolution.