L’Ermitage Switzerland, Neuchâtel Building: Neuchâtel Architecture

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L’Ermitage, Switzerland : Neuchâtel Building

Residential Building Neuchâtel – design by Andrea Pelati Architecte + Ipas Architectes

7 Mar 2012

Residential Building L’Ermitage

Location: Neuchâtel, north west Switzerland

Design: Andrea Pelati Architecte + Ipas Architectes

Residential Building L’Ermitage L’Ermitage Neuchâtel Building Residential Building L’Ermitage Neuchâtel Building Neuchâtel Building

This place city and nature come together to compose a new living space…

L’Ermitage L’Ermitage Neuchâtel Residential Building Neuchâtel Neuchâtel Building

This building was designed from the inside, he reformulates the traditional relationship to land, to nature, to the view: an overhaul of the design of the habitat that goes unnoticed at first glance but its architecture offers a new pulse to life, liberty, emotion …

L’Ermitage L’Ermitage Neuchâtel Residential Building Neuchâtel Neuchâtel Building

Pure light, light nature … Here we fly over the city, our neighbours are the birds … A symphony of greenery and foliage, a real intense show on the city and the Alps …

This display of volumes offset transcends the mere fact of living in a natural expression of antlers that animate life both inside and outside space to living …

L’Ermitage L’Ermitage Neuchâtel Residential Building Neuchâtel Neuchâtel Building

Groupe e Administrative headquarters – Building Information

Architects: ipas architectes / andrea pelati architecte
Planning: 2006-11
Client (Maître d’ouvrage): Habitat concept sàrl
Team: Eric Ott, Michel Egger, Andrea Pelati,Gilles Batista, Pauline Chevrier
Project Consultants: Mauler SA – Civil Engineers
Photos: Gérald Sciboz, Thomas Jantscher
Location: Rue Charles- Knapp 30, Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Groupe e Administrative headquarters images / information from ipas architectes sa

Location:Rue Charles- Knapp 30, Neuchâtel, Switzerland, Switzerland

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