Bonaire House 1

Bonaire House – Caribbean Residence

Design: Silberstein Architecture

This is a contemporary Caribbean island property located in Bonaire, a special municipality of the Netherlands.

Photovoltaic panels power all lighting and the A/C compressor, a solar water heater provides 100% heating for pool, an underground cistern stores rain water for irrigation and the house is aligned with local trade winds to create a cross breeze effect.


Football Stadium in Caracas, Venezuela

Design: Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners

RSHP have completed work on a masterplan for the area known as La Rinconada. This masterplan includes a transport interchange (linking the new bus station with existing metro and train station) and also establishes a new metropolitan park protecting the surrounding hillsides from further development.
Within the park existing sport facilities (including the listed racecourse designed by Arthur Froehlich in 1959) are augmented by the new facilities, including the bus station (also designed by RSHP), a baseball stadium and a National Football Stadium.

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Vertical City, Venezuela Tower – Building Design

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