Wonderwoods Towers

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Looping Towers

Looping Towers in Utrecht

The Looping Towers is situated on a main axis between Amsterdam and Utrecht and should act as a social “engine” in the area, which will undergo some major developments within the next years. The transformation will be designed by Peter Pichler Architecture.

De Verkenner Utrecht Residential Tower

De Verkenner Utrecht Residential Tower

Residential tower ‘De Verkenner’ in the typical post-war reconstruction district Kanaleneiland, Utrecht. The 50-m-tall building, with a mixed programme of housing, acts as a gatekeeper. The ‘slow-made’ concrete facade with its poetry artwork gives a unique identy to the building.

Wonderwoods Towers

Wonderwoods Towers in Utrecht

Design: Stefano Boeri Architetti and MVSA Architects

The Wonderwoods plan comprises two towers, 90m and 70m in height, that will be used for living, working, relaxing and entertainment. The highest tower is on the Croeselaan.

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Moreelsebrug Utrecht

Moreelsebrug Utrecht

Design: cepezed, architects

The Station district in Utrecht has been undergoing a real metamorphosis since some years. Between all the new buildings, conversions and renovations, the Moreelsebrug has also been realized recently.

NS-Railway Yard Utrecht

NS-Railway Yard Mixed-Use Development Utrecht

Design: DELVA Landscape Architects, Studioninedots and Skonk

People are searching for neighborhoods that have their own character and also allow for the possibility to have a say in how their surroundings further grow and develop. Furthermore the future is unpredictable.

Recreation House in Utrecht

Recreation House in Utrecht

Design: Zecc Architecten

In the rural area north of Utrecht a compact recreation house has been realized. The house is constructed in wood and opens its façade with window shutters towards the green garden.

Eden Soestdijk

Eden Soestdijk Gardens in Utrecht

Design: Mecanoo architecten

The redevelopment of the Soestijk estate has a social purpose in creating a more sustainable society. An educative journey will touch all the visitors’ senses, triggering them to become more aware and conscious of the earth’s fragility.