House In The Field Montenegro

House In The Field, Montenegro

Design: Arhimetrija, architects. This is a space for family of four, to relax and enjoy nature. The owners live in the city and like to run from the noise into the peace of their field with mandarin trees. The orchard, where the house is located,is owned by the family for several generations and has always been a meeting place.

Home of Revolution

Home of Revolution in Nikšić

Design: SADAR + VUGA and HHF Architekten. It was decided that the main intervention should be one that would serve the city and its residents, a social activator that would represent today’s changing conditions.

Kindergarten Bijelo Polje Montenegro building

Kindergarten Bijelo Polje – Montenegro

A diagonal brace, domineering two sides of the cube, was made for a reason and so it became a dominating element of a building structure. It is because the kindergarten, consisting of basement+ground floor+one floor, should be located near the existing building.