St. Trinitatis Church in Leipzig

St. Trinitatis Church in Leipzig

Design: Schulz und Schulz

This building was awarded the Best Church of the Year, one of the prestigious World Architecture Festival Awards 2016: the building has a central public space with an “ingenious concept”.

Leipzig Monument to Freedom and Unity : Competition Entry

Leipzig Monument to Freedom & Unity – Design Contest

Formally and conceptually, we decided that our intervention here should address surface rather than volume; it should be horizontal rather than vertical. As opposed to the mountain of the Völkerschlachtdenkmal (Battle of the Nations monument), we were the sea that steadily wears down the hard rock and turns it into sand.

University of Leipzig Building by EEA

University of Leipzig Building: Pauliner Church, Erick van Egeraat

The project is situated on the site of the former Pauliner Church, the only church to remain undamaged during the war, yet later demolished in 1968 during the former GDR regime. This fourth building section of the University redevelopment comprises a gross volume of 133.000 cubic meters and consists of three main elements: the Aula, the Main Building, and the Audimax.