New Istanbul Airport Building Design

New Istanbul Airport Building Design

Lead design: Scott Brownrigg with Fonksiyon + TAM/Kiklop

The İstanbul New Airport infrastructure project in Turkey aims to become the first and largest infrastructure project outside North America to obtain Envision® sustainability verification.

Demirci Restaurant

Demirci Restaurant in Istanbul

Design: Caglayan Architects

Demirci Restaurant designed by Caglayan Architects an Istanbul based interior design studio, offers its customers an escape from the metropol life while it enables them to take a ‘delicious’ tour to the past in a harmonized space with the historical atmosphere of old town.

Şişli City Hall building Istanbul |

Şişli City Hall Building, Istanbul

Design: Boran Ekinci Architects

Şişli City Hall is located in Şişli, one of the most busiest center of Istanbul. The building is surrounded by school buildings, rises as a welcoming image at the intersection of major road junction.

Parkorman Masterplan Istanbul by Dror

Parkorman Masterplan Istanbul by Dror

Design: Dror

Existing green spaces in Istanbul are few and far between. When considering the approach for a park located six miles north of the city center, we asked ourselves: how do we draw strangers-to-nature to this destination?


Intertech R&D Building in Istanbul

Design: ERA Architects

Since the IT occupants spend most of their time in a digital environment, concentrated on their screen, the design’s main goal was to create a place of comfort with natural daylight and wide views of the horizon.

Sky Garden in Istanbul

Sky Garden in Istanbul

Design: SO? Architecture and Ideas

Interactive suspended garden in Ortaköy Square, one of the most touristic spaces in Istanbul. Putting a garden on the ground in such a congested area would reduce the walkable surface and make the square even more dense.

Metro Ofis Building in Istanbul

Metro Ofis Building Istanbul

Design: BFTA Mimarlik, architects

Located in Pendik, a rapidly-growing business district on the Asian side of Istanbul, this 60m tall tower building is on the edge of the oldest highway of the city, with 77 offices on 20 floors.

Beyazit Public Library

Beyazit Public Library in Istanbul

Design: Tabanlioglu Architects

Tabanlıoğlu Architects, known for producing internationally relevant, contemporary architecture across the world has embarked on the restoration works of one of Istanbul’s most prominent libraries; Beyazıt Public Library with its rare books and manuscript collection.

AND Office Tower

AND Office Tower in Istanbul

Design: HPP International Turkey. Four years after opening their Istanbul office, HPP have completed their first major project in Turkey. The 26-storey office tower has been succinctly named “AND” after the client, the multinational Anadolu Group.