Casa JC in Caldes de Montbui

Casa JC in Caldes de Montbui

The clients needed a small restoration of their house, and include a new space to work. To achieve this transformation Alventosa Morell Arquitectes designed a light metallic stair generating a new level between the two platforms, where the new space to work is situated.

iGuzzini Iberica SA HQ

iGuzzini Ibérica SA Headquarters in Barcelona

Designed by architect Josep Miàs the new iGuzzini Ibérica S.A. headquarters has two parts, each with a different function: one is low, extensive and underground, with no natural light and built in concrete; the other is spherical and with a glass shell, floating over the landscape.

Barceloneta Market

Barceloneta Market in Barcelona

Designed by architect Josep Miàs the new metal figures create new market spaces for Barceloneta Market, not touching the ground, but suspended from the old structure, the old and new, never really overlap structurally, rather they do so in a false equilibrium.

Persiana Barcelona Rope Blind Vinçon streetscape

Persiana Barcelona Rope Blind

Persiana Barcelona, a design by architects Diana Usón and Pau Sarquella, uses a subtle intervention to improve the traditional rope blind. A sustainable, innovative and modern product that responds to various challenges.

Ciutat Vella Apartment in Barcelona

Ciutat Vella Apartment in Barcelona

The clients wanted YLAB Arquitectos to convert the original space, dark and divided into numerous rooms, into a predominantly diaphanous space full of light and neutral colors suitable for their art collection and Nordic influenced furniture.

Solo House II near Barcelona by Office KGDVS Architects

Solo House II near Barcelona

One of a portfolio of daring holiday home architecture in the midst of the Catalan wilderness for French real estate developer Christian Bourdais: 12 architects have designed unique and expressive vacation properties.

A green space in Badalona

A green space in Badalona, Barcelona

A simple architectural gesture by peris+toral.arquitectes removes fencing around a children’s playground. A subtle architectural solution meets the needs of shelter and protection. Two dunes were formed, planted with grass, creepers and shrubs, plus a gentle hollow that delineates the play space.

La Calma House

La Calma House near Barcelona

Architects: Ramón Esteve Estudio

La Calma House is placed in a small town close to Barcelona. Its site is located in a forest area with a very steep slope and an abundance of pine, oak and olive trees.

Enigma Restaurant in Barcelona

ENIGMA Restaurant in Barcelona

Design: TheSize

The design aimed to ensure the perfect outcome for his passion project. The chef wanted to create and immersive environment to captivate his guests. The chef’s style of cooking and menu is heavily influenced by the surroundings, hence, the interior had to reflect that.