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Why choose space six design architects: So, you are at that point where you have a clear view that now you want to build your own house? This is not only the fact that it was important to build your house. You have just started this journey; there is a lot more to come.

When Design Goes Wrong: How To Sell A Property That Is An Architectural Disaster

When Design Goes Wrong

When Design Goes Wrong: How To Sell A Property That Is An Architectural Disaster: Selling a property that is considered to be an architecturally unappealing is a challenge, but it’s not impossible. There are in fact ways to make it sellable, to the right buyer, without an entire property renovation.

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Architectural Copyright

What you need to know about architectural copyright: The UK has gained an excellent reputation for its innovative architectural projects, which are attributed to the architects who create and ensure the success of such designs.


Monthly Report for January 2019 by Brian Carter

With 2019 in the United Kingdom introduced as uncharted territory, demands for walls and no government in the new world, transactional relationships everywhere showing scant concern for communities or well-being beyond individual calorie counts, the outlook appears bleak – The Monthly Report for January 2019 by Brian Carter.

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Queen of The Curve, Zaha Hadid

Zaha Hadid, born in 1950 in Iraq, was considered stubborn, spirited, brilliant and a bit eccentric. She described her work as a ‘flowing kind of spatiality,’ and indeed, many of her creations remain truly unmistakable, earning her the title of ‘Queen of the Curve.’