Music Dance and Adventure in Riga

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Music Dance and Adventure

Scenography in Riga, Latvia – design by architecture office DJA

25 Sep 2015

Scenography of Music Dance and Adventure in Riga

Design: architecture office DJA

Location: Latvian National Opera, Riga, Latvia

Dance performance „Music, Dance, Adventure!” is a new understanding of contemporary scenography. Scenography is not anymore seen as a stage decoration but rather as a tool for creation of various spatial situations. The stage space of the opera 10m X 10m X 10m has been divided into the smallest basic elements.

Music Dance and Adventure

The very flexible outcome mass now can be used to create various space scenarios for specific dance performances. The space can stay homogeneous mass (Base), it can become open from two sides (Curtain), contain one central element (Tree) or several – distributed (Forest), etc. The vertical elements are made of translucent plastic tubes with total length of about 10 000 m. They suck in the light and scatter it homogeneously along all their length.

Event took place in Latvian National Opera house and Latvian National Symphonic Orchestra played fragments from musicals “In the city” and “Vest Side Story” by Leonard Bernstein and “Bolero” by Morsa Ravela. Syphonic dances were performed by children dance groups of Riga Daycare centers and dance studio “Dzirnas”.

Scenography of Music Dance and Adventure – Design Information

Project name: Scenography of Music, Dance, Adventure
Project address: Latvian National Opera, Riga, Latvia
Client: Latvian Concerts Ltd.
Project author: architecture office DJA (Didzis Jaunzems Architecture) – Didzis Jaunzems
Area: 100 sqm
Builders: Hanza Film Service Ltd.
Photos: Ernests Sveisbergs

Music Dance and Adventure

Latvia Office images / information from architecture office DJA

Location:Latvian National Opera, Riga, Latvia

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