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Modern Housing

Major 20th Century Residential Projects – Modernist Homes from around the world

Modernist Housing

This page lists the principal Modern residential designs across the globe. We aim to select Modern buildings + designs that are either of top quality or interesting or ideally both.

We cover completed Modern buildings plus architectural exhibitions and talks re 20th Century homes.

Modern Apartments – Major Property

860-880 Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, USA
Mies van der Rohe, Architect
Modern Chicago building
photo : William Zbaren

Lake Shore Drive Towers
This famous Modern building consists of two 26-story, exposed steel and glass apartment towers set at right angles on an irregular travertine plaza. Based on ideas and theories Mies had been perfecting since his earliest days as an independent architect in 1920s Berlin, the buildings redefined highrise living for the post-war generation. “They were the most radical buildings of their time,” said Ron Krueck. “They’re light and delicate and surprisingly sexy. They also prove that – contrary to what many people believe – it’s not so easy to design a glass box.”

Modern Residential Building – Featured Properties

Highpoint flats, Highgate, London, England
Berthold Lubetkin Architect
Highpoint flats
photo © Adrian Welch

The two apartment blocks – Highpoint One and Two in Highgate, north London – are the most celebrated of Lubetkin and Tecton’s 1930s works. Completed in 1935 and 1938 respectively the buildings were commissioned by Sigmund Gestetner, proprietor of the office machinery company then based in nearby Tottenham. Both buildings are now listed Grade I. Highpoint One is usually regarded as the best work, being the first authoritative example of international Modern architecture in England.

Lawn Road Flats, London, England
Wells Coates
Lawn Road Flats
image © Nick Weall

Modern Housing : Lawn Road Flats
Mid-late 30’s Modernism: The Isokon building in Lawn Road, Hampstead, London, is a concrete block of 34 flats designed by architect Wells Coates for Molly and Jack Pritchard. They were built as an experiment in communal living. Most of the flats had very small kitchens as there was a large communal kitchen for the preparation of meals, connected to the residential floors via a dumb waiter. Services, including laundry and shoe-shining, were provided on site.

Modern Housing

Key Modernist Residential Projects, alphabetical:

The Barbican Complex, London, England
Architects: Chamberlin, Powell and Bon
Barbican Centre
photo © Nick Weall

Barbican Centre
Golden Lane Estate, London, England
Chamberlin Powell & Bon
Golden Lane Estate
photograph © Nick Weall

Golden Lane Estate
Nieuwmarkt housing, The Netherlands
Van Eyck & Bosch
Van Eyck building
picture © Adrian Welch

Nieuwmarkt housing, Amsterdam
10 Palace Gate, London, England
Architect: Wells Coates
10 Palace Gate
photo © Nick Weall

10 Palace Gate
Robin Hood Gardens, east London
Architects: Alison & Peter Smithson
East London housing
photograph : Isabelle Lomholt

East London housing
Unité d’Habitation, Berlin, Germany
Le Corbusier, Architect
Unité d'Habitation Berlin
photo © Isabelle Lomholt

Modernist housing

More Modern Housing projects online soon

Modern Residential Buildings – No Images

Pessac housing, France
Le Corbusier

Siedlung Halen, Switzerland
Atelier 5
Modern housing stepping down hillside

Unité d’Habitation, Marseilles, France
Le Corbusier

More Modern Housing online soon

Farnsworth House, Illinois, USA
Mies van der Rohe, Architect
Farnsworth House
image © gm+ad architects

Farnsworth House – classic Modern home

Modern Architecture : Tugendhat Villa

Villa Savoie, Poissy, France
Le Corbusier, Architect
Le Corbusier building
building image © Rebecca Breun

Modern French house

Zimmermann House, New Hampshire, USA
Frank Lloyd Wright
Frank Lloyd Wright house
photograph © Adrian Welch

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