Silvertown Aquarium London, Royal Docks Building

Silvertown Aquarium Building, Royal Docks Building, Quays, Architect, Design

Silvertown Aquarium London : Royal Docks Architecture

Royal Docks Development, England, UK – design by Terry Farrell Architects

30 Nov 2007

Silvertown Aquarium

Silvertown Quays, Royal Docks, east London, UK
Design: Farrells

Silvertown Aquarium
picture from architects

Public aquarium for The Zoological Society of London
Terry Farrell

Silvertown Aquarium, London

In 2006, The Zoological Society of London (ZSL) will open a major attraction in the form of the first world-class conservation-led public aquarium. The new aquarium at Silvertown Quays will be built on the principles of conservation and sustainability, and will be a leader in aquatic research and public education. The iconic building, costing £60 million, will be a unique addition to the skyline and a recognisable landmark in London. The objective is to inspire visitors by presenting to them the beauty and wonder of life underwater so that more people will be committed to learning and caring about the aquatic environment.

Silvertown Aquarium London
picture from architects

The Aquarium, a 15,500 square metre building, is reached by a combination of paths and bridges. Its exhibition area is split into four parts – UK, India, Red Sea and South Pacific, which are positioned in a building that reflects the earth’s environment in microcosm – land, water, vegetation, air and clouds. Ventilation and climate are controlled by solar energy panels, light intensity sensors and other hi-tech and more traditional methods to give the feel of the actual environment in each region. Parallel with the design process a conservation and research strategy is being developed, reflecting the major conservation issues challenging the aquatic world.

The Aquarium will be built in Silvertown Quays in London’s Royal Docks as part of a larger masterplan development project that includes housing, schools and retail outlets. The Docklands Light Railway (DLR) will have a new extension, which will include a station adjacent to the Aquarium site, providing links from the City to the award-winning Thames barrier park. The regeneration of the Royal Docks is a key element in the strategy to revive the eastern part of the city and the Aquarium is central to this. It will act as an urban catalyst by means of being a first-class visitor attraction.

Silvertown Aquarium images / information from Farrells

Silvertown Aquarium – architect : Terry Farrell

Location:Silvertown, London, UK