Millbank Tower Building, London

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Millbank Tower London

Tall Structure on River Thames, England, UK – design by Ronald Ward and Partners

9 Jun 2009

Millbank Tower


Design: Ronald Ward and Partners

118m high

Millbank Tower Millbank Tower London Millbank Tower Building
photos © Nick Weall

Address: 21-24 Millbank, Westminster, central London, SW1

Location: north bank of River Thames, just west of Houses of Parliament

Originally known as Vickers Tower

Altitude 360 London venue located at top of Millbank Tower

Owners : David and Simon Reuben (since 2002)

Throughout its history, Millbank has been home to many high profile political and other organisations. From 1995 the Labour Party rented two floors in the base at the south of the site for use as a general election campaign centre, including the ground floor, which had a lecture theatre, and also a meeting space that was used for press conferences. Labour ran its 1997 General Election campaign from these offices; after the election, the party vacated its headquarters at John Smith House, Walworth Road SE17, to move to Millbank. Just five years later, however, the £1 million per annum rent forced the party to vacate the tower and relocate to 16 Old Queen Street.
Source: wikipedia

Location:21-24 Millbank, Westminster, London, SW1