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London : Hub City

Aviation Vision England, UK – design by Grimshaw

25 Jan 2013

London : Hub City

Architects: Grimshaw



Architects Grimshaw have today unveiled an ambitious and attainable proposal to address the aviation capacity issues facing the South East of the UK.

London : Hub City - Vision London Vision London Hub City London Hub City Vision
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‘London: Hub City’ focuses on London’s position as one of the world’s most vibrant commercial and cultural centres. It argues that the capital should be made accessible to travellers, including those using London as a ‘hub’ to reach other parts of the world, to an unprecedented degree. This vision for London outlines the framework for an integrated transport strategy that is designed to stimulate the economic and creative development of the city.

The proposal argues that making better use of London’s existing transport infrastructure can create provision for aviation growth in a way that is more sustainable and resilient than building a single ‘super-hub’ airport. Passengers should be encouraged to connect through, and enjoy Central London at every opportunity. Not only will these visitors contribute to the city’s economic and cultural growth, but coordinated improvements to the capital’s transport network will also benefit all Londoners.

‘London: Hub City’ is the idea of Grimshaw Chief Executive Jolyon Brewis. He argues that London has the ideal characteristics to become the world’s first Hub City. Already over 30% of international passengers transferring through Heathrow leave the airport and spend over £500 per head in Central London. The report argues that making London’s connections legible, fast and reliable would drive these figures significantly higher.

The strategy has implications for London’s existing airports, current transport infrastructure, and network improvements already underway, specifically Crossrail. It is eminently achievable, but needs a coordinated and integrated approach by a number of agencies.

Speaking about the proposal Jolyon Brewis said: ‘The need to expand our aviation capacity gives us a unique opportunity to create an integrated transport strategy that directly supports the commercial and cultural vitality of London. This is of critical importance to the UK economy. I am convinced that the way to achieve this is to make London more accessible to more people than ever before.’

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London : Hub City design : Grimshaw

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