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Newington Green Houses

Key Residential Buildings in north-east London, England, UK

Islington Houses – Contempoary Properties

Key New Residential Buildings, alphabetical:

Cruickshank Street House
Design: Tasou Associates
Cruickshank Street House
photo : Tasou Associates

Cruickshank Street House

House on Leconfield Road, Newington Green, northeast London
Design:Pete Sutton Architects
Leconfield Road house Newington Green house
North East London house : photograph © adrian welch

Housing at Newington Green

Design:Rivington Street Studios
Newington Green housing
Newington Green housing : photo © adrian welch may 2007

House on Leconfield Road, Newington Green
Design:KCA Architects
Highbury house
Newington Green house : photo © Adrian Welch may 2007

Islington House

Design:Norton Ellis Architects
Islington House
image from architect

Islington House

Newington Green Student Housing
Design:Haworth Tompkins Architects
Newington Green building
photo © Adrian Welch

For Shaftsbury Student Housing, situated in backlands area behind Newington Green
The China Inland Mission forms the entry (above)

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Location:Islington, London, UK