Subterranean Science Museum in Kaunas

Subterranean Science Museum in Kaunas

Architects: Bread studio

The suggested building will be located at the opposite end of the stadium on the Science Island. This will form another attraction on the island, and allow for further developments between the two anchor facilities.

Valley Villa

Valley Villa Vilnius

Architects: Arches

Architectural firm Arches has recently created a modern, eco-friendly house within close proximity to Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania and the country’s largest city.


Dolphinarium in Klaipeda

Design: Uostamiescio projektas

On the top of the building the roof cafe with a terrace was designed offering a view to the Curonian lagoon and the Baltic sea. Over the dolphin living space the sunroof was installed, dropping the maximum amount of light into the pool area.