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Nagoya University Buildings, Japan : Science & Agricultural Facilities

Nagoya University Science Buildings – design by Iida archiship studio

9 Jan 2012

Nagoya University Buildings

“The Science & Agricultural building” and “The Science South building”

Design: Iida archiship studio

This is two buildings of research, experiment, educational facility. More than 40 laboratories of biology are gathered in there. A 12 stories high-rise building was required at the first stage but we came up with 2 L-shape buildings which were connected each other, because of the 31m regulation of Nagoya-city, and it was located like surrounding the science building.

Nagoya University Building Nagoya University Buildings Nagoya University Science Buildings Nagoya University
photos : Ken’ichi Suzuki

I put the huge institute called “The Science & Agricultural building” which is a mass of the laboratories on from north to west. It is connected to “The Science South building” which adds a meeting room of the department of science center in the first floor, and semi-underground auditorium.

As my last project of Nagoya University institute, I used different material to be adapted for each directions because the east, the south, and the north sides were exposed to main street. In this case I did the similar trial through more and more exact proof. On the north side of the Science & Agricultural building, I have used the same stainless steel mesh of the neighboring Institute continuously to emphasize a sense of unity with that.

The west side of the building faces on the pedestrian narrow street where used as a shortcut, We produced an specific aluminum louvers. The section of it is good at getting reflection of sun light, and by using it, good reflections of sun light are delivered to both of interior and exterior. This louver cuts up to 60% of solar heat as well. At the upper levels of Science & Agricultural building, I have used a vertical louver to enhance an gathering heat effect.

The department of science main street is re-constructed together at the same time. On the street, there were glass walls which are regarded as a new information device and enhance a unity of the whole scenery. Furthermore, for a south side facing this street, an aluminum lattice is put together on glass curtain wall and managing to cut off 80% of the solar thermal energy at a peak hour. Because the auditorium is located in the center of the area, I put the roof garden provide an amenity for researchers and students. In addition, I designed it so that people can see the inside very well from a street and recognize as a new symbol of the departments of science.

The last time when I was working on this university project, I thought about how to unify the functionality and the environmental control as the experiment institute, and how to bring them in new building expression. In this case, I did the same trials continuously by above of various attempts. Through this project, I would like to express the originality and advancement of Nagoya University as a design.

Nagoya University – Buildings Information

Project Title: “The Science & Agricultural building” and “The Science South building”
Client: Nagoya University
Architect: Iida archiship studio

“The Science South building”
Site area: 1,211 sqm
Total Floor area: 3,960 sqm

“The Science & Agricultural building”
Site area: 1,331 sqm
Total Floor area: 9,323 sqm

Location: Nagoya,Aichi , Japan
Programme: Institute, Laboratory, University
Design: Apr 2009 – Nov 2009
Construction: Jan 2010 – Jul 2011
Structural engineers: Plus one structural Des. & Eng. Firm
Mechanical & electrical engineers: Mitsubishi jisho sekkei Inc.

Photos: Ken’ichi Suzuki

Nagoya University Science & Agricultural building + The Science South building images / information from Iida archiship studio

Location:Nagoya University, Japan

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Nagoya University Buildings

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